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"Island of remains" in Japan tsunami is currently drifting to the USWC

widespread large floating Island of remains debris Japan tsunami drifting pacific ocean USWC (12)

Houses, cars, human remains and other debris washed away by the tsunami in Japan formed large floating island about 111 km, is currently drifting to the United States west coast(USWC), which could harm sea vessels and cause confusion in Pacific shipping line. After the devastating tsunami triggered by 9 magnitude strong earthquake in eastern Japan, […]

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Unique cave wonders on the coast of Patagonia

magnificent spectacular cool beautiful Unique attractive caves wonders coast Patagonia

Covering almost all land of southern Argentina, Patagonia, the region in southern South America between the South Atlantic and the Andes, about 673,000 square kilometers (260,000 square miles), with unique geographical and natural environment, there are a large number of magnificent natural landscapes and rare animals in the conservation areas, such as vicugna, jaguars, sea […]

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Beautiful blue mushroom

beautiful nice unusual rare amazing mysterious blue mushroom fungus fairy Pixies Parasol (5)

Mycena interrupta, commonly known as the Pixies Parasol, is a sort of mushroom that is fungus of the Gondwana flora. It can be seen in Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Chile, and is widely distributed in Australia: Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland’s Lamington National Park. In legend, the eyes can […]

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Amazing teenage girl turned a cow to be her horse

funny interesting amazing German teenage girl train cow luna to horse riding jumping

In a town named Laufen in Southern German, Regina Mayer, 15-year-old girl, wanted to have a horse of her own, but her parents refused her hopes. Regina didn’t give up and incredibly trained a cow named Luna to be her horse and the cow actually acts like a horse, too. Now, Regina Luna rides on […]

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Selection of Belarus’ fashion models

nice handsome beauty pretty sexy models girls Belarus fashion week selection (27)

Belarus fashion week would be held in Minsk, in order to get the opportunities in the Fashion Week, models in a hopeful manner came from far and near were gathering here to realize their dream through rigorous selection.    Next Pages

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Brave zebra rose in fighting back

amazing breathtaking scene lion prey zebra fight back resistance africa Tanzania (1)

It’s a breathtaking scene at Ngorongoro Pushcha in Tanzania. A hungry lion was leaping out from hiding grass to attack a zebra, when the lion’s intending to subdue the zebra with his sharp teeth, he’s fiercely fought back. The hind of zebra kicked the lion on the chin, finally, the zebra was lucky enough to […]

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From start to finish of a greedy snake swallowing a rat

breathtaking horror amazing cool frightful outbreathing snake swallowing eat mouse rat process course (7)

In general conditions, the snake firstly wreathes itself around the mouse and kills the prey by suffocating it in its coils, then to proceed the breathtaking swallowing process.      

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The World Before and After – During Earth Hour

after before pictures WWF Earth Hour 2011 against climate change energy conservation urgent (10)

March, 26, 2011, the fifth annual Earth Hour organized by the international conservation nonprofit World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) The Earth Hour concept, an initiative issued in 2007, calls for people to turn off lights and other nonessential appliances one hour in the last Saturday of March each year. The organizers expects this concept […]

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UK’s unique model agency – "Ugly Models"

individual arresting ugliest weird strange amazing ugly people guy Ugly Models

According to the British "Daily Mail " reported, there’s a unique model agency in Britain, Ugly Models, it only searches special models based on looks and is one of the biggest character model agencies in the world. Since its establishment 41 years ago, the London-based ugly agency has boasted a roster of more than 1,000 […]

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Trees were shrouded by webs as ghostly cocoons

amazing strange weird fun Pakistani trees shrouded ghostly cocoons spiders sin webs violent floods

In the village of Sindh, Pakistani, after the catastrophic violent floods in 2010, large numbers of spiders spun webs in the trees line the banks of a submerged farm field, the trees were shrouded by the webs which like strange cocoons.      

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Leaking nuclear-waste dump in Germany

dangerous leaking nuclear-waste dump storage site Asse II salt mine Germany Europe

An abandoned salt mine in Germany, which has become a nuclear waste storage site named "Asse II". Since the 1970s, barrels of nuclear waste have been piled mussily in it. This nuclear-waste storage site is located in central Germany countryside as deep as 2,460 feet (750 meters) underground. This picture was taken in 1970s. Between […]

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