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A unfortunate huge shark

unfortunate poor huge large big shark caught china (1)

February 28, 2011, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, China At Haiyi pier, the fishermen were unloading a huge shark caught recently. That day, when a fishing boat was in fishing operations in Taizhou sea area, a large shark was entangled in the nets and died by suffocating. This shark is 7 meters in length and weighs […]

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Breathtaking villa on the cliff

amazing dangerous risky breathtaking villa mansion on cliff England UK (3)

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on February 10, a villa rising on the cliff at Devon in southern England has become a breathtaking landscape. After two serious landslides, its garden has gone with the ocean wave and the villa from the cliff edge has been less than a meter. This villa was built […]

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Fantastic underwater cave in Russia

attractive fantastic Ordynskaya Cave underwater diving explore adventure travel russia

Perm Region, Russia, near the Orda village, the Ordynskaya Cave is the greatest gypsum cave in the world, it’s also the most extended underwater cave in Russia and in length it’s the second longest cave in Eurasia. It’s a fantastic and impressive experience to explore this awesome underwater cave. Next Pages

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Weird art – tattoo on pig

weird odd strange off the wall bizarre amazing Belgian artist tattoo on pig skin (1)

February 16, Belgian artist WimDelvoye and his partners were in progress tattoo creation. 46-year-old Belgian artist WimDelvoye set up an Arts farm with his partners in Beijing, China, and tattoo on pig’s skin after the anaesthetic. According to reports, these tattoos can be sold up to 100 million Yuan (about $ 152,207). Next Pages

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Wonderful mysterious underwater caves world

amazing attractive cool adventure Wonderful mysterious underwater caves Bahamas Abaco Island (31)

These real photos are from one of the world’s most mysterious places. If you have the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas’ Abaco Island, you will definitely be shocked by its huge network of underwater caves. This is a dangerous adventure, you must be well-trained and well prepared, and even so, security is still not […]

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Amazing Aurora Borealis in the UK

amazing cool spectacular magnificence splendid brilliant beautiful Aurora Borealis northern lights (1)

February 25, 2011,media reported, it is generally believed that people have to go to the freezing Icelandic tundra or to remote Canada to appreciate the real northern lights. Actually this is not so, 62-year-old British photographer Jim Henderson in the past two decades has been shooting the aurora in the United Kingdom. He recorded more […]

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Amazing Chinese girl like animate doll

pretty beautiful cute amazing chinese girl wang jia yun like animate blow-up sex doll ps (7)

Wang Jia Yun, born in 1993, height 164 cm, weight 42 kg. High school students, now living in Shenzhen, Guangdong. She represented herself to be born in Kowloon, Hong Kong, currently residing in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.   However, it is said these pictures are edited by Photoshop.

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Greece’s nation-wide strike

crazy massive Greece nation-wide strike workers Athens riot protesters demonstrater (11)

February 23, Athens, Greece, a police officer’s clothes caught fire.   For protesting the government’s tighten fiscal policy, the Greek workers staged a massive strike which lasted 24 hours, they destroyed the bus station, lit the trash, and there’re people throwing stones, plastic bottles or crude petrol bombs at police, while the police dispersed the […]

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Amazing photographer – ‘Shark Shepherd’

crazy cool awesome surprising amazing man photographer shark shepherd close up photographs

52 years old photographer, Jim Abernethy, from Florida, has spent 35 years living with these fearsome predators in their natural habitats and released a book of shark photographs – Sharks Up Close Each year Jim Abernethy spends on average 320 days with sharks and took close-up photos of these underwater beasts in the Bahamas, South […]

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Amazing photos of the eruption of Shinmoedake peak

amazing cool spectacular splendid incredible Japan Shinmoedake volcano eruption pictures

These spectacular pictures were taken by long exposure. As one of Mount Kirishima the volcano erupted and continually sent enormous ash and rocks into the sky then fell across southern Japan.         

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Amazing Shaolin Kung Fu

amazing cool awesome incredible Shaolin Kung Fu Chinese martial arts skill photos (13)

There is an ancient place in Henan province of China, the Shaolin temple, founded in the 5th century, is long famous for its Zen and Chinese martial arts and particularly with Shaolin Kungfu. Here are the amazing photos of the Shaolin Kung Fu. (Dangerous stunts, Imitation is strictly prohibited)           Next […]

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