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The split second of the falling missile in Libya

amazing photos split second falling missile moment explosions Libyan Tripoli

March 29, the Libyan capital Tripoli, many explosions occurred near the home of Libyan leader Omar Mouammer al Gaddafi. Foreign journalists in Libya captured the split second of the falling missile.  

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True Spider-Man in the world – Alain Robert

Spider-Man Alain Robert amazing people climb risky high skyscrapers buildings (2)

Known as "Spider-Man," Alain Robert, born in August 1962, height 1.63 meters (or 1.64 meters?), weight 50 kilograms, married and has 3 children. He began to be in the climbing activities when he was 12-year-old, had climbed hundreds of skyscrapers and high buildings in the world, such as the Burj Dubai, Paris Eiffel Tower, Empire […]

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Photos of mysterious nuclear power plant inside

unusual amazing cool special photos Russia nuclear power plant inside visit (1)

The serious nuclear leakage of Fukushima nuclear power plant is a another disaster after the Chernobyl accident. Once again the safety of nuclear power plants becomes the focus in the world at the present. I think most people are serious misgivings about nuclear power plants and never entered into such plants, now let’s take a […]

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Sand storm in Kuwait

shocking spectacular strong violent sand dust storm weather Kuwait windstorm (1)

March 25, Kuwait’s capital, Kuwait City. About 18 o’clock local time, Kuwait suddenly confronted with a strong sand & dust weather, the sand and dust in the air reduced visibility to tens of meters, almost zero visibility in some areas, traffic was at a standstill, and Kuwait International Airport therefore temporarily closed. As the sudden […]

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Amazing optical illusion – Invisible man

Amazing cool mysterious weird awesome bizarre body art optical illusion invisible hidden person

With the help of his friend Julián, Artist Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi gradually covered him with the blue mixture of mud and paint, then Alejandro took photos of Julián at many different kinds of stages, which created an optical illusion that Julián became increasingly invisible or was emerging from nowhere like ghost. Of course, these images […]

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The best abalones in the world

worlds best top high quality big wild abalone sea-ear awabi Australia (5)

Although there’re abalones all over the world, but the high quality abalones only grow in south latitude 44°and north latitude 40°nearby. Abalones need a very special condition to where they grow: swift current, cold and clean water with high salinity, reef areas, enough seaweed, etc. Only so can abalones grow appropriately. Australia is located in […]

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Iceland’s volcano might erupt again

europe southern Iceland Katla volcano eruption erupt again spectacular wonder photos (4)

Under the glacier Eyjafjallajokull in southern Iceland, after the eruption of a volcano which has been silent for nearly two centuries, the small-scale seismic activities are continued, scientists worry that the eruption of Katla volcano may be triggered like before. The Katla is the main volcano in Iceland, once the eruption happens, it will impact […]

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Stunning Northern Lights with plenilune

beautiful nice amazing wonderful stunning Northern Lights aurora Iceland full moon

February 19, photographer Kerstin Langenberger took the photo of Northern Lights with plenilune in Iceland. These beautiful pictures of aurora seem to be taken during the day. But in fact, that blue sky was because the full moon was shining brightly. 28-year-old Kerstin Langenberger is German, but currently living in Iceland. She spent 300 hours […]

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Amazing art – incredible sculptures made from spent matches and fire

amazing beautiful cool incredible match art sculptures bright idea special artistic effect (4)

A 28-year-old Russian IT specialist Stanislav Aristov had recently invented amazing sculptures by using spent matches and fire. His incredible match art works include swans, butterflies and hearts and so on. The carbon of the used matches and unsteady flame formed a special artistic effect. Surprisingly, the creator of this wonderful idea doesn’t even smoke, […]

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Old photos of Chernobyl nuclear accident

terrible amazing serious Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident radiation pollution photos

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant is located in the north of Ukraine, only 140 km from the capital Kiev; it’s the first nuclear power plant which was built in Ukraine during the times of the former Soviet Union. The Chernobyl was once the pride of the Soviet Union and was considered the world’s safest, most […]

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Impressive Human Pattern Design

impressive cool amazing great human patterns special visual effect photography (1)

German artist/photographer Claudia Rogge, he’s obsessed with Human Pattern design, perhaps you like the pattern is similar to the kind of usual floral or wallpaper patterns, but he loves to create patterns by using a large number of models. I wondered whether his works were edited by image processing software.       Next Pages

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