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Characteristic falla of The Falles in Valencia, Spain

characteristic beautiful cool Falles Fallas falla festival celebration Valencia Spain (5)

The festival of Fallas (in Spanish) or The Falles (in valencian) in Valencia, Spain, is a traditional celebration in praise of Saint Joseph. Each year, an organized group of people named Casal faller (also known as comissió fallera) produces characteristic construction known as falla, eventually, the falla must be burnt. Every Falla artist must have […]

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Amazing photos of glacier caves

amazing cool stunning awesome great perfect photo glaciers ice cave pictures (7)

30-year-old American photographer Eric Guth often camps for days inside the mysterious and awful glaciers, the place can be incredible low temperature: sometimes as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius. Argentina’s Patagonia, Glacier National Park Glacier National Park in Patagonia Eric’s friend Justin Gardiner, it’s underground of the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares in Patagonia. Glaciers […]

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Six special corals may be extinct

special unique cool amazing beautiful rare corals may be extinct (4)

Corals cover less than one percent of the bottom of the sea, but they have to support more than one third of marine life. The survival of corals is affected by global environmental change and human activities. Here are the six unique corals may be extinct. 1. Acroporapalmata Although this is a fast growing coral, […]

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Marine killer with largest body – Huge jellyfish

amazing cool stunning beautiful freaking huge largest giant jellyfish japan (7)

Jellyfish – large oceanic transparent or showily colored siphonophore having a bladderlike float and stinging tentacles According to media reported, because of human over-fishing and other human activities, around the world there’re some huge jellyfish appear in the ocean, the researchers said, they are becoming the "master" of some sea areas, Researchers have even found […]

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Amazing photos of lionesses sieged a crocodile

cool awesome stunning amazing photographs lioness siege kill crocodile

According to the British "Daily Mail” reported on January 15, South Africa, 58-year-old cardiologist Tony Goldman took some stunning photographs when he was traveling in Botswana. He watched and took photos of three lionesses sieged a crocodile and eventually kill it. The cause of the fighting is the crocodile wanted to prey a lion’s cub, […]

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The most expensive special pets in the world

amazing cool weird worlds most expensive special pets animals high price

If you think cat or dog as pet is both too general, you can try to keep some special pets, there are two problems you must understand. First, a special pet you love, that does not mean your ordinary pet isn’t cute; second, before you pay the earth for them it’s necessary for you to […]

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Weird & Odd Tokyo Designboom Mart 2010

Weird bizarre strange crazy Odd Tokyo Designboom Mart 2010

The art mart is an annual convention held in Tokyo, 5,500 various kinds artists around the world gathered together to show their own ‘masterpiece’ and ‘high-spirited’ performances. From 1994, this two-day mart is held twice a year (May and November) in Tokyo, Japan, with the purpose of providing a chance for designers around the world. […]

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Amazing photos of the law of the jungle

amazing cool impressive excellent The law of the jungle nature kills (19)

Evolution is part of nature, stronger animals prey on weaker ones and nature kills. Brazil, Pantanal, a puma and a caiman were fighting; at last, the stronger puma overpowered the crocodile. A wolf and a vulture were facing out. At the same time they found a piece of meat. First finder the vulture closely guarding […]

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Google founder Larry Page bought a 193-foot boat for $45million

Google founder Larry Page second-hand luxury ship boat yacht Senses (8)

Google founder Larry Page is only 37 years old, but his assets estimated to be about 150 million. As a billionaire, the yacht is one of the necessities. He recently spent 45 million U.S. dollars to buy a second-hand super yacht. the yacht named ‘Senses’ and its maiden voyage in 1999, length of 193 feet, […]

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Riot because of stock market crash

Bangladesh stock market crash falling riot march protest demonstration

Since early December 2010, the stock market falling 27% in Bangladesh, local time on January 10 morning, about 5,000 investors marched along the main street, some demonstrators smashed cars parking on the roadside and shouted anti-government slogan. Police tried to prevent the further spread of protests by using batons. However, near the Dhaka Stock Exchange, […]

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Best News Photos of National Geographic Magazine 2010

amazing cool great awesome Best News Photos National Geographic Magazine (5)

From the perspective of readers, I have chosen some photos in which you may be interested. Newly discovered exotic species American Geographical Society reaped the greatest harvest during the past decade in an expedition; they found this fish named Mr. Blobby April 2010, in the deep sea of Greenland, there’re 38 species were first discovered. […]

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