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Riot because of stock market crash

Bangladesh stock market crash falling riot march protest demonstration

Since early December 2010, the stock market falling 27% in Bangladesh, local time on January 10 morning, about 5,000 investors marched along the main street, some demonstrators smashed cars parking on the roadside and shouted anti-government slogan. Police tried to prevent the further spread of protests by using batons. However, near the Dhaka Stock Exchange, […]

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Best News Photos of National Geographic Magazine 2010

amazing cool great awesome Best News Photos National Geographic Magazine (5)

From the perspective of readers, I have chosen some photos in which you may be interested. Newly discovered exotic species American Geographical Society reaped the greatest harvest during the past decade in an expedition; they found this fish named Mr. Blobby April 2010, in the deep sea of Greenland, there’re 38 species were first discovered. […]

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LAPP-Pro’s Light Painting Art

amazing awesome cool magical excellent Light painting drawing graffiti images (10)

Light painting (also known as light drawing, light graffiti or light doodle) is a photographic technique of long exposure in the dark by moving hand-held light source or by moving the camera. This art form appeared in 2008, with the promotion of fans and photographers, has become a popular street & fashion arts. In most […]

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The Seventh continent – Amazing Antarctica

amazing cool adventure travel spectacle seventh continent Antarctica (7)

The world’s coldest continent, and the hardest to reach, is Antarctica. It’s an amazing & spectacular world! An extremely cold continent lying chiefly within the Antarctic Circle and asymmetrically centered on the South Pole almost entirely below the Antarctic Circle; covered by an icecap averaging 1.6 km (or 13,000 feet?) in thickness. The total area […]

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The world’s top 10 most exotic mushrooms

worlds top 10 most weird strange amazing cool exotic mushrooms fungus (2)

Mushrooms are one of the most common foods, also the world’s widest range of species. Some mushrooms look very bright but can not eat because it’s highly toxic, and some mushrooms look very strange, but it is nutritious and delicious food. Let’s appreciate the world’s top 10 most exotic mushrooms chosen by biologists. 1. The […]

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Creative Ghost Light

funny cool weird odd interesting creative design ghost light fear (3)

In order to deal with thieves, Australian designer Manfred Kielnhofer designed a "ghost light”, just standing in front of your window silently to protect your dreams. Although some people may feel little fear, but it’s worth if it can work properly  :)  Take care not to petrify yourself.

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New Zealand’s most famous volcano park

New Zealands most famous volcano park Tongariro National Park world cultural heritage (1)

Tongariro National Park is New Zealand’s most famous volcano park; there are 15 active & inactive volcanos linear arrangement. Tongariro National Park now is the world cultural heritage. More pictures

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Amazing South Asia

Amazing pretty beautiful South Asia Cambodiagirls beauty (3)

The most bizarre plastron Cambodia, a beauty takes a big spider as plastron   Most spiders in general are toxic, it is estimated that this spider is a non-toxic, otherwise, how dare people eat it?! The girl is selling fried spiders Fried water cockroaches Fried crickets Fried spider More pictures

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Amazing capacity of camouflage

cool awesome amazing nature animals insects capacity camouflage colors shapes (5)

In order to avoid predators, many animals have amazing capacity of camouflage, such as lizards, geckos, fish and bats and so on. The insects can simulate dead leaves, and the animal’s markings provide effective camouflage as well. They cleverly use the surrounding environment as camouflage with colors or shapes, and are exactly like dry twigs, […]

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Hot Facebook girls pictures

hot beautiful sexy pretty facebook girls chicks next door pictures (6)

New photo gallery of hot Facebook girls 2010, just take a look, may be she is the girl lives next door.     Next Pages

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Amazing photos of culprits 2010

Amazing funny crazy photos of culprits prisoner 2010

Of course, this is not the image edited by Photoshop, he was arrested for pimping. This photo shows his strange cranial, this is the unfortunate consequences of a car accident. How was your neck? How was your head? The dentist did it! Serve a sentence in this way?   The sequel of "Prison Break"? Surprise! […]

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