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Britain’s giant pumpkin is expected to create a new world record

Britain huge large giant pumpkin new world record 3

October 7, 2010, the United Kingdom Hampshire New Forest a nursery. This huge pumpkin will be on Saturday (October 9) for the official weighing, it is reported that it promises well to break the existing world record.

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Strange but creative shoes design

odd strange weird cool funny interesting offbeat quirky creative style shoes design (12)

Fashion Lady should notice the following content which may be more interested in you. These shoes are designed by Kobi Levi. Since 2001, he graduated from Israeli Bezalel College of Art and Design in Jerusalem, the designer has been as free designer in the footwear design work, but also because of his unique and quirky […]

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2010 The World Sand Sculpture Championships

2010 Washington DC World Sand Sculpture Championships amazing creative cool

Sand sculpture originated in the United States, developed into a modern art in the 80s of the 20th century. In the early 20th century Florida and California held a variety of coastal sand sculpture competitions and activities, artists learn many skills and experience and to develop it into a giant sculpture. October 2, 2010, Washington […]

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Bullring tragedy – An angry bull jumped into the stands

Bullring tragedy angry bull jumped into the stands (4)

August 18, a bullfight game in the northern Spanish city of Tafaliya, an angry bull jumped into the stands, causing audience riots and at least 30 people were injured, 3 of them seriously. The injured had been taken to hospital for treatment.

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Space station’s toilet

space station toilet bathroom_on_iss_1 (1)

The sight of the outer-space is very fascinating and attractive, but most people do not have this opportunity to travel in space, and this seemingly wonderful journey is difficult, even the most common has become so troublesome, for example, when you go to the bathroom, never even noticed, the dunghill will probably drift everywhere.

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The ultimate weapon or stroller

amazing funny odd crazy cool design ultimate weapon or stroller

Full metal shell, both sides equipped with a removable Gatlin six machine guns, weapons may change or deformation at any time. Do you think this is to introduce a new weapon? I also feel a bit like, but is this still the ultimate weapon or modern stroller?

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The most luxurious private jet

The most luxurious private jet

In past 30 years, aviation photographer Nick Gerace has been taken photo for the world’s largest airline and the most wealthy private clients. His private clients include the President, the dictator and the royal family. So far, the photographer has photographed more than 800 private aircraft. Of course, Grace does not specify the identity of […]

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Stunt positions of contortionist

amazing excellent acrobatic performance Stunt positions of contortionist (5)

The contortionists able to twist into unusual stunt positions. let’s appreciate the excellent acrobatic performance. A bit scary, ordinary people must be dead to be so!

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Famous ‘Ice Man’ for the extraordinary ability of cold resistant

Famous Dutch Ice Man extraordinary ability of antifreeze (7)

Dutch daredevil "Ice Man" Wim Hof is famous for the extraordinary ability of cold resistant Nicknamed "Iceman", aged 50, from the Netherlands Hof said: "I was walking in the park and see the ice. I pop up an idea: If I stand in the ice what will happen? I’d like to try. So, I took […]

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A food firm fined after a dead mouse found in bread

bread food production company Premier Foods nauseating dead mouse

A food production company was ordered to pay nearly £17,000 after a poor man found a dead mouse in a loaf of bread as he made sandwiches for his children. Stephen Forse, of Kidlington, Oxfordshire, he purchased the loaf online, through a Tesco branch in Bicester in January 2009. He had already used some slices […]

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Adventure team dived into a more than eight thousand meters deep underwater cave

Adventure team dived into deep underwater cave world record (6)

September 14, 2010, a team of underwater caves divers in Spain Pozo Azul has created a new world record. They dived into an unexplored cave 5.5 miles (about 8825 meters) deep, it broke the previous world record (4.8 miles, about 7800 meters) created by the Americans. This three British and one Dutch-member amateur diver’s team […]

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