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The power of life – tragic and great migration of animals

The power of life tragic and great migration of animals survival of the fittest (14)

Migratory behavior of animals is an adaptation phenomenon, by such activities to meet their specific needs during the life of the environmental conditions which to reliably guarantee the individual’s survival and prosperity of ethnic. So, the process of migration is the process of survival of the fittest.    

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The world’s most luxurious shopping mall

The worlds most luxurious shopping mall Dubai Shopping paradises (2)

For its preferential policy of customs tax and dazzling luxury goods Dubai has become one of the world’s major Shopping paradises. Today, dozens of shopping malls throughout the Dubai have become a unique urban landscape, attracting more and more tourists around the world come to visit and shop.  

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Is film Inception a reality?

film Inception a reality lucid dreams control the action

Studies suggest ‘lucid dreams’ where we control the action are on the rise. It is the stuff of a Hollywood movie: a dreamworld that can be manipulated at will. But for more and more of us, it is becoming a reality, with the number of people experiencing lucid dreams rising rapidly. In the blockbuster film, […]

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Spectacular wonders of Lightning around the world- No PS

Spectacular wonders of Lightning around the world original photos no ps (6)

June 18, 2009, a violent thunder storm over Athens. The Lightning led to more than local 4,000 households in a power failure. July 10, 2009, Cape Canaveral, Florida, lightning hardly struck Kennedy Space Center; in the meanwhile, the "Endeavour" space shuttle is on the launcher. July 12, 2009, Beijing, lightning across the sky, it was […]

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Fantastic incredible art "human flowers"

cool awesome inspiration incredible fantastic art human flowers body painting (3)

Look at these “flowers” … Are you really sure that you’re watching flowers? Watch carefully and get ready to surprise… They are the human body! The gallery shows the world of “human flower”, incredible art! These fantastic visions achieved by human body painted various colors. For such images, it is hard to be not inspired. […]

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22 degrees halo – ice rainbow

amazing photos 22 degrees halo ice rainbow optical phenomenon

Photographer Reyaz Limalia took photos of an optical phenomenon known as "ice rainbow" near Birdlip, UK and took photos of the amazing moment. Weather officials call the optical phenomenon a "22 degrees halo" because of its circular formation of 22 degrees around the sun. Reyaz Limalia is one of a few ones to have captured […]

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Eclipse taken in space

Shooting solar eclipse photos in space by NASA's SDO detector

October 20, 2010, NASA released pictures of solar eclipse taken by the SDO detector. October 7, the moving around moon passed between the sun and the detector, this moment was just recorded by SDO.   Shooting solar eclipse in space by NASA’s detector. Since February of this year, NASA released the Solar Dynamics Observatory, making […]

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Top ten beautiful photos of Africa

Top ten amazing beautiful photos of Africa (1)

Africa may be the world’s most beautiful continent. There are dazzling scenery, a wide variety of animals and plants, friendly people, and (according to some persuasive theories) of human origin. But Africa is a continent full of problems. Poverty is one of the most serious. Hope that one day we can live together in a […]

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World’s biggest mouth – Guinness World Records

worlds biggest mouth Guinness World Records

Italian man Francesco Domingo Joaquim won the title of "world’s biggest mouth" with its big up to 6.69 inches (about 17 cm) of the mouth, and set a new Guinness World Record. He can be stuffed into a full can of Coke in his mouth, it is amazing. Let’s watch as this man earns a […]

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Britons are the happiest people in Europe

Research British the happiest people in Europe

Here’s a reason to rejoice despite the nation’s woes: Britons are the happiest people in Europe. Research shows that we smile more than our continental cousins, with only the Spanish, known for their sunny outlook, and the Italians, with their love of life, coming close. The French and Germans, some might say perhaps not surprisingly, […]

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Ayers Rock Waterfall

Australia Ayers Rock Waterfall photos (3)

October 14, 2010, Pete Carroll,the Australian photographer,who shot Ayers Rock after heavy rain. Water cascaded down the Ayers Rock’s mountainside. Ayers Rock in the center of Australia’s vast semi-arid desert region, perennial drought. Therefore, the photos taken by Pete Carroll are very precious.     

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