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Animals can’t protect themselves

Animals cant protect themselves_public_service_funny commercials

PAWS (Animals can’t protect themselves), formed in 1967, an American animal protection organizations. Self-preservation is an instinct, but the face of the destruction of human power, this self-protection but seem so insignificant. Please be kind to the animals around you.

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Can not believe your eyes

pretty_bust_can not believe your eyes super funny pictures

Stress once again that sometimes can not believe your eyes,when you see the real picture, you would think she is so charming? You’ll be surprised.    

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Amazing crazy photos of wedding

Amazing crazy pictures of wedding_extreme funny unique 48

These crazy guys how to make wedding become so unique and funny. (Click the thumbnails to view large size pictures)  

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Explanation of Management pyramid

Explanation of Management pyramid

When top level guys look down, they see only shit. When bottom level guys look up, they see only assholes.

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British Petroleum or Big Problem?

British Petroleum or Big Problem_Oil spills1

Oil spills of BP (British Petroleum) is a serious global issue of wide concern, BP now has a deeper meaning – that’s Big Problem. There is no doubt that such a huge environmental damage, BP is under attack on all sides and has become a target of public criticism , below is the online satirical […]

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Korean funny cartoons pictures

Korean funny cartoons pictures 4

Funny cartoon pictures from Korea. (Click the thumbnail to view large size pictures) Newsflash! A middle aged man in woemn’s underwear was struck by a ray from a UFO while standing on an apartment roof! …

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“Delicious” chocolate design cellphone

Amazing pictures of creative chocolate design cellphone

STYLE Series, a branch company of Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo, released a Chocolate design phone, not only color looks exactly like chocolate, the interface UI design also contains a lot of elements of chocolate, mobile phone chain, and other accessories are also extended unified style. (Right click, open link in new tab to  view […]

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Beautiful and exotic glacial lake underwater world photographs

Amazing beautiful Swiss Ticino glacial lake underwater world photographs

June-July 2009, Ticino state, Swiss, the beautiful and exotic underwater world photographs that diving photographer Franco Banfi had taken. Sunny Lake Sassolo is located in Switzerland and Italy border, high altitude, surrounded by Alps and formed by the melt water. (Click the pics to view large size images)  

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Who owns the most servers

who owns the most dedicated servers google

The tech industry’s major players require some serious firepower when it comes to servers. Below is a breakdown of how these giants stack up against each other. The approximate number of dedicated servers that major tech companies own. When you speak in terms of numbers, it becomes hard to comprehend just how large these server […]

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Funny commercials of dog-themed pictures

creative and super funny dog-themed commercials

A group of creative and funny dog-themed commercials. Appreciate it please. (click the thumbnails to view the pictures in large size)  

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The unbreakable brolly will stay upright in the stormiest of weather

The unbreakable brolly upright in the stormiest of weather

On a rainy and blusteryday it is not unusual to get soaking wet when wrestling with a troublesome brolly. Now one young British designer thinks he has come up with the solution to this problem. The enterprising student from Brunel University has created the unbreakable ‘Brolli’, which he says will stay upright in the stormiest […]

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