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Wearing glasses on your bottom

Wearing glasses on your bottom 4

As long as you wearing this brand of glasses, then your other parts will no longer be outstanding, even if you are a beauty! This is a group of very attractive advertising, creative but boring, is not it? However, the advertising accomplishes the purpose!

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Realistic paintings than photos

Realistic paintings than photos 10

This photo is what the camera photo from? You may have the question. But this beauty shower image is not a photo, but painting with a brush! Her charming face was framed with wet raven hair. Detail The name of the female painter is Alyssa Monks, 31 years old. Awards: New York Academy of Art […]

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Korea International Body Art Painting (Mehndi) Festival

Korea International Body Painting Festival 9

September 12, 2009, South Korean Daegu International Body Art Painting Festival, body painting (Mehndi) models show a variety of body painting works in the festival. The only difference between body painting and watching striptease show is that striptease you can see the whole process.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-funny sleeping babies

lovely cute Sleeping Beauty baby 1

Nebraska, U.S. Two sisters photographers captured some "Sleeping Beauty" creative baby photos. Oh, Wow! So lovely and cute baby funny pictures! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Beauty wrestling match in “chocolate mud lake”

wrestling in chocolate mud 5

In order to attract customers, a British bar creatively made a "chocolate mud lake" for wrestling. One may ask, if not beauty, who would watch the wrestling? Oops, that’s just for relaxation and fun.     

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Funny highboard platforms diving performance

Funny highboard platforms diving performance 1

2009-2010 National Diving-Star Series Race has been concluded at Jinan Olympic Sports Center, in order to please the audience, midway there’s a unique style of fun highboard platforms diving performance, it’s perfect combination of sports and entertainment! Athletes with a variety of exaggerated & funny styles jump into the swimming pool.

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The world’s top SUV

The worlds top SUV 3

The SUV(sport utility vehicle) is produced by Russian Dartz, known as the world’s most expensive, most luxurious, most powerful SUV, not so much that it is an SUV, it would be better is an armored vehicle. Of course, prices are highest in the world – 100 million pounds.    Now buy one get three: buy […]

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Guinness record – world’s largest boob

Guinness record the worlds largest boob 2

There’re many girls are vexed about their small breast, but the large boob is inconvenient for someone. Brazilian 29-year-old Hershey set a new world record, her breasts reached 38KKK, setting up a new world record, reaching the world’s largest boob. Hershey was born in Brazil, currently residing in the United States, she is a singer […]

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Brazil sexy twins beauty

Brazil sexy twins beauty 1

We all love beauty, needless to say sexy twins beauty! Take a look at these stunningly attractive girls!

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The latest fashion styling of Lady Gaga

latest fashion styling of Lady Gaga 3

New fashion styling of fashion godmother Miss Lady GaGa – Sexy female warrior, more and more beautiful, more modern style that combines the unique charm of Miss GAGA, forming a unique visual feast!

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Can you believe they are one and the same person?

awesome makeup skill 2

In fact they are one and the same person. What awesome makeup skill(or technic? disguising?)!    

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