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Sikh colorful scarf

cool pictures of Sikh colorful scarf 7

Because they don’t have their hair cut for life, adult Sikh men’s hair is generally surrounded by a turbine-type bulk packages of cloth. This is the biggest I’ve ever seen They dress unique, great scarf, keep the beard, wear a sword, tall and sturdy, look very powerful. It is reported that their hear is nearly […]

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A dresser of a korean girl

awesome dresser korean girl 20

The neat dresser of a korean girl,the lotion,eye serum,masks,etc. it reminds me of military warehouse.  

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Japanese lifelike sex doll production process

funny pictures of Japanese sex doll production process 1

Variety of facial, hair style, body of  japanese real love doll  (sex doll or blow up doll), and production process. At love doll manufacturers, according to the raw materials and process sophistication of these sex toys, the price varies widely, the most expensive is made of high-grade latex simulation delicate skin and metal frame, the […]

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Street performer PK – Bath VS Barcelona

Street performer PK funny pictures

Street singers and artists are nothing creative, to see street performers of Bath, melancholy eyes, robust chest, and holding of small color umbrella. Note: Professional artists,  don’t imitate them. Barcelona

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The world’s most beautiful and sexiest news reporter (anchor)

The worlds most beautiful news reporter Sexiest News Anchor16

Click the pic to enlarge. Mélissa Theuriau (Melissa Theuriau),born 18 July 1978 in Échirolles, Isère (Grenoble). She was voted the world’s most beautiful female news reporter by the Daily Express. similarly, she has been chosen the "TV’s Sexiest News Anchor" by readers of the US edition of Maxim Magazine. Melissa Theuriau obtained a DUT(Institut universitaire […]

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Her goal is the world’s most fat woman

fattest goal is worlds most fat woman

The goal of the world’s fattest woman is strange to most women.  American Donna Simpson current weight has went up to 602 pounds (about 273 kilograms), wearing clothes XXXXXXXL, but she still didn’t esteem it’s enough, and determined to double her weight, to become the world’s most fat woman. Donna Simpson, 42-year-old, from New Jersey, her […]

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Funny classical pattern of figure skating at 2010 Canadian Winter Olympics

Funny classical pattern of figure skating at 2010 Canadian Winter Olympics 7

Figure skating was one of the events at the Winter Olympics in 2010. Modern figure skating is a blend of precision, grace and vigorous athletics ,it’s an art and a sport in one. Figure skating pairs perform a wide variety of movements, including many complicated lifts. Whether veteran or novice, it takes months (even more) […]

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The most cool is girl!

hottest coolest girls 3

Now what is the most cool stuff? Hi, budy, I just saw the coolest girls!      

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Sexy Horse Race – American New Super Model Competition

sexy Horse race_American New Super Model Competition2

September 17, 2009, Los Angeles, 3rd episode, thirteenth Season of American New Super Model Competition, the theme was "Fortress of Fierceness". Models came to Santa Anita racetrack for taking photos.  

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Bird ‘s eye view of Himalayas – Amazing photos

birds eye view photo Himalayas 4

This mountain is the highest of the world – Himalayas. A vast mountain system in southern Asia, extending 2,400 km (1,500 miles) from Kashmir eastwards to Assam. The Himalayas consist of a series of parallel ranges rising up from the Ganges basin to the Tibetan plateau, at over 3,000 m above sea level. The backbone […]

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Girls armed to the teeth

girls arm gun 4

They are mighty in spirit and heroic bearing. In case of need, we must bear arms! The bright and brave militia-girls.  

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