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Incredible Realistic body painting

super amazing pictures of Incredible Realistic human body painting 2

All of these vivid human body painting works are painted by American artist Craig Teresi.  He lives in New Orleans, you can say that he is the world’s best body painting artist. In 2002, he began to create body painting works, before, he was an illustrator. Each of his works Craig Teresi need to spend […]

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Performance Art – Letters of Human Modeling

funny pictures of Performance Art Letters of Human Modeling 1

Children learning English can use this for teaching, should learn faster. :)          

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How to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese

How to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese2

European and American tend to think that Asian all look the same. During World War II, there are some American soldiers fighting Japan in war zone of China. It’s a pocket guide for helping American soldiers to spot Japanese. This booklet has 75 pages, cartoonist Milton Caniff illustrated the differences between Chinese and Japanese by […]

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Aesthetic Art Of The Rain Scenery

Amazing pictures of Aesthetic Art Of The Rain Scenery 21

Most photographers are not willing to take photographs in bad weather. However, bad weather can sometimes provide a good opportunity to overcome the limitation of filming techniques. In particular, a relentless autumnal rain, also provide an excellent opportunity to capture wonderful photos. It can produce dramatic effects and romantic atmosphere that shooting in the rain. […]

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The spoof puppets of political figure at the fire festivals

funny pictures of spoof puppets of political figures spain690

March 16, Spain, Valencia, the fire festivals, a variety of puppets with different features, especially the spoof puppets of political figure are highlighted. The above photograph is the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was kissed by a beauty.  

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Amazing pictures – millions of wildebeests spectacular migration

amazing pictures of spectacular migration8

March 17, 2010, wildlife photographer of Czech Republic, Vaclav Silha photographed rare great wildebeest migration scene at Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Of millions of wildebeest crossing the MARA RIVER, at the same time, in order to prevent the crocodile and the tiger on the shores, wildebeest group made a huge sound, and rushed to […]

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Funny pictures of animals – cute photos of gesture sign

Funny pictures of animals cute gesture sign 2

Look at these cute pictures of animals’ hand signal. Hi, I’m newcome… I swear by Almighty God to tell the truth. Thank you for coming to see me. Hey, budy! Yeah, I know the answer… OMG, quite itchy! Hey, photographer, I’m here… No way! It just will not do! Forbid to take picture! I Love […]

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The world’s most valuable currency

The worlds most valuable currency Kuwaiti dinar 6

Currently as far as I know the world’s valuable banknote of currency is the Kuwaiti dinar, one dinar can be exchanged for 3.47 U.S. dollars. This is the Kuwaiti 20 dinar banknote. Positive in Arabic printing, the opposite is English. This bill is equal to 69.44 U.S. dollars. 1/4 dinar 1/2 dinar   1 dinar […]

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New fashion of Japanese girls

weird pictures funny pictures of new fashion japanese girls19

Look at these japanese girl how to lead the fashion, they look like the African indigenous peoples or Decorative Art of Aborigine in Australia . Maybe fashion is just a joke.  

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Sikh colorful scarf

cool pictures of Sikh colorful scarf 7

Because they don’t have their hair cut for life, adult Sikh men’s hair is generally surrounded by a turbine-type bulk packages of cloth. This is the biggest I’ve ever seen They dress unique, great scarf, keep the beard, wear a sword, tall and sturdy, look very powerful. It is reported that their hear is nearly […]

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A dresser of a korean girl

awesome dresser korean girl 20

The neat dresser of a korean girl,the lotion,eye serum,masks,etc. it reminds me of military warehouse.  

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