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Poppen’s Special Kids Racer

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Inspired by some old Indianapolis racing books, Joseph Ihnat of Whiting, Indiana designed a 1930s-style race car sized to fit a four-year-old.  He used some old kitchen equipment, including a Smoky Joe barbecue grill, for parts.

The body is riveted sheets of aluminum, except for the nose piece which is made from a porcelain enameled roasting pan lid, cut in half, with the handle removed.

The front bumpers are from a 1950s kitchen canister sliced in half, the headrest is made from an old chocolate malt shaker cut lengthwise, and the radiator cap is a lid from a maraschino cherry jar. 

Ihnat found some 18-inch bicycle wheels for proper scale, and added "six exhaust stacks per side, providing plenty of pretend V-12 power."

“I upholstered the seat by cutting foam swimming pool noodles in half lengthwise and covering them with naugahyde.”

– Joseph Inhat

Link – via dinosaursandrobots

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