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Royal Pains Premiere

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Stepping into the untapped TV role of a recently unemployed hospital surgeon who becomes a reluctant concierge doctor for the rich and famous in the Hamptons, Feuerstein is an immediate good fit for the USA schedule, bringing a charming and comedic presence to the summer airwaves in a series that taps into two rarely seen worlds for its success – the freelance life of a concierge doctor and the elite New York region of the Hamptons.

Prior to the premiere of Royal Pains, we briefly caught up with the new USA contract doc on a recent conference call to find out more about Mark Feuerstein, life in the Hamptons, the balance of drama and comedy within Royal Pains, and how Dr. Hank becomes a Robin Hood figure by the third episode.

Here is the premiere of USA medical drama “Royal Pains”, which is about A down and out surgeon who has a chance to redeem himself as a small town physician in the wealthy beach community of East Hampton, NY.

EP 1.1 Pilot

When a Hospital trustee dies on Dr. Hank Lawson’s watch, he is shunned by the medical community. Months later, at a party in the Hamptons, he saves the life of a guest and stumbles upon a new career as an on call doctor for high society.




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