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| Science | Recycled human fat used like fuel for car

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lipoPlastic surgeon from Beverly Hils carried 7,000 liposuctions …

California authorities have launched an investigation against a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hils, which claims that he use lard  removed with liposuction from the body of customers as “ecological” fuel for his car.

Ministry of Health opened an investigation in order to assess the accuracy of allegations doctor Alan Bitner that “recycled” of grease in biodiesel.

Dr. Bitner on his website wrote that the great majority of his clients asked to use their grease as fuel and that “it is more than you need.”

“Not only unique way to get rid of their pad on their loins, and rounded belly, but contribute to the preservation of the planet,” he emphasizes.

American magazine “Forbs” wrote to Dr. Bitner use “lipofuel” for the “Ford Explorer”, as well as for car of his fiance.

Its not known which way the surgeon transformed its clients fat in the fuel. He claims that he carried 7,000 liposuctions, according to the writing of “forbs, one room gallons (about four-liter) can be obtained gallon of fuel.

In the United States is prohibited by law to use human medical waste as fuel.

After starting the investigation, the authorities are close Bitner’s site on the Internet, as well as his clinic.



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