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Sculptures made of Guns and Bullets

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A sculpture at the Detroit Zoo composed of Bullets and Gold Leaf.
Creator Mary Engel states ” Elephants have become endangered due to the “gold” of the elephant, its ivory tusks. The bullets which make this sculpture are beautiful but menacing, as they remind us of humans’ destruction of exotic creatures". 

Artist Ross Rodriquez made this ‘bulletproof vest’ with 30 caliber rifle shells. The artist, who usually works in printmaking and film, often explores the theme of gun violence in urban America.

Furniture from weapons is a project started after more than 30 years of civil war, ending in 1998, the Cambodian gouvernment destroyed 125,000 weapons across the country.



A small arms specialist with the European Union, and British artist Sasha Constable, saw an opportunity, and decided to create The Peace Art Project Cambodia (PAPC) in November 2003. The Peace Art Project Cambodia was a sculpture project turning weapons into art as expressions of peace.


Artist Al Farrow combined religious imagery with guns and bullets
Al Farrow present welded metal sculptures of religious structures, which are composed entirely of gun parts, bullets, artillery shells, and human bone. The works form striking commentaries on the militarism embedded in the histories of the three major religions. Farrow’s Christian reliquaries (in a series ironically titled “The Trigger Finger of Santo Guerro”) and exact-scale replicas of a Jewish synagogue and a Moslem mosque are based on historical models for which Farrow assembles appropriated gun parts symbolically related to the three religions



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