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Smokey was shot 13 times in the head with a slug gun, walks home

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Smokey the cat shot 13 times in head walks home

An Australian cat named Smokey survived 13 shots to the head from an air rifle and then found his way home after what police on Tuesday called a "shocking" act of animal cruelty.    
A medical examination revealed 13 pellets lodged in his head and face. Sergeant Craig Pearse said it was remarkable Smokey had managed to get home after his ordeal. The nine-year-old moggy turned up on his owners’ doorstep bleeding from his head last week, three days after he went missing from the family home in Maryborough, central Victoria.


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16 Responses

  1. A person says:

    One of my cats got out a few nights ago. I spent hours searching for him, expecting to find him in a similar state. The lesson here is to not let your pets outside unless you want them to end up in a state like this.
    I wasn’t expecting a human to do something like what you see here in this picture, more likely a raccoon would do this.

  2. QueCosas says:

    Re: A person.

    Keeping a cat indoors is cruel. You need to let them life their life/follow their instincts.

    It’s like locking up a child to protect it from the world.

    Don’t be an egoist (you’re afraid of your own grief if your cat gets hurt).

    You’ve got to be brave, and if you can’t, then don’t get a pet – you’re obviously not emotionally prepared.

  3. josemaloco says:

    I dont have any problems in my case, because my cat is afraid of the outside for some reason.

    I take it with me between my arms for some walks, trying to relax him, but he just doesnt want anything to do with it.

  4. Rprtr37 says:

    Re: A person
    Since when do racoons carry air rifles?

  5. bombay says:

    if I see someone someday doing that to an animal i fucking kill im .. rape his ass with a spade kill all his decendance and go pee on his tomb

  6. dee says:

    Poor kitty…… some people…..SUCK!
    I hope who ever did this to that poor cat,
    gets whats owed him…. Only a socio/psychopath
    would think to do something like that. If you know this person…… Watch your back!!!

  7. lee says:

    hope the asshole who did this to the cat gets shot 13 times and DIES.

  8. shawnabcdefg says:

    Some people are truly fucking disgusting.
    Why anyone would want to hurt an animal like this for no reason is beyond me.

  9. James says:

    That’s a nice cat, and I haven’t seen one like that before. The cat did what it should, crawled home for help. What can I say about the “human” that shot it 13 times in the head. I hope he gets target practice on his own skin so he feels how it is. What an idiot. Does this cat have any kitten ? I think some people would want all of them.

  10. James says:

    I suppose raccoons are too smart and too busy having their own pups rather than do such an idiocy. The guy who did this wasn’t worthy to be a raccoon.

  11. Anonymous says:

    who the fuck would do this. whoever it was must have tied up the cat or trapped it because it would-have ran away. id like to have me a air rifle and some rope and the asshole who pulled this psychopathic act off and have me a good day. people like this need to be found and diagnosed this shit cant happen anymore

  12. Leslie says:

    People who can hurt animals like this are just as sadistic (maybe more so) then people who hurt other people. Shooting a cat should have the same penalties as shooting a person. Whether you believe a cat’s life is less important than a humans shouldn’t matter because who ever can harm a cat with no remorse is just as capable to hurt a human.

    I hope Smokey has recovered.

  13. Ed says:

    If you hate cats or dogs, ask yourself if you also hate people; hurting animals also hurts the people who love them. If you hate only some people simply because they love animals which you despise, then tell yourself that these poor misguided people should be pitied for loving such despicable creatures. Whatever mental exercise it takes to steer your wrath in another direction, do it, because with disease, war, poverty and the like, there’s enough cruelty in the world without you adding to it.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    that made me tearup if i knew who did this well lets just say sham on that m**********r i got something for ya

  16. me says:

    omg who would do such a thing its horrible i hope they rot in hell but i want to know how the racoon got into this what an ass hole

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