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The world’s largest freshwater lobster

amazing largest unusual rare amazed surprising freshwater lobster (3)

The largest individual of Tasmanian Rock Lobster can be up to 80 cm long and 5 kg in weight, which is also the world’s largest freshwater lobster. The life of this kind of freshwater lobster may be up to 40 years, it has now become a rare species; illegal fishing will be liable to a […]

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Real book of the Wikipedia

funny interesting print format real book Wikipedia worlds thickest book

This is a real book of the Wikipedia, 5000 pages, the whole book up to 55 cm thick. In fact it’s completely blank A4 paper, but in appearance which is very realistic and can justifiably claims to be the thickest book in the world.

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Shocking heavy snow in Japan

amazing amazed crazy shocking great big heavy snow fall storms Japan

Recently, various regions in Japan are snowing heavily, snow accumulated to a depth of over 5 meters in some areas even. As of February 1, snowstorms have killed at least 50 people and more than 700 people were injured. According to Japanese media reported that the eastern and northern Japan, next week there will still […]

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"Cappuccino" seashore in Cape Town, South Africa

bizarre unusual rare weird odd strange fun shocking amazing natural phenomenon phenomena foam beach

Always, mysterious nature shocks human in various ways. Recently, people were once again shocked by the nature. At suburb of Cape Town in South Africa, the Sea Point Beach is full of white foam and the sea looks like a large glass of "Cappuccino." It’s reported that the strange bubble is caused by the decay […]

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Weird and strange inventions of aquatic vehicles in Thailand floods

weird strange odd surprising bizarre funny interesting crazy amazed aquatic vehicles inventions floods (3)

Last year, continuous heavy rainfall caused river levels soaring; Thailand’s central and northern regions were suffered from the severest flooding in the last 10 years. The floods that had lasted for two months was affecting 3/4 of Thailand and millions of people. All 77 provinces in Thailand, 58 were flooded, including 25 provinces with serious […]

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Motorcycle stunt training in India’s army

amazing different amazed indian soldiers motorcycle stunt training republic National Day military parade

January 11, 2012, New Delhi, India, Indian soldiers were in motorcycle stunt training for the preparation of upcoming National Day parade.    

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A "lost world" under the sea

amazing world nature science exotic surprising sea ocean marine organism halobios (3)

According to the British ‘Daily Mail’, British scientists were shocked to find that, without light underwater in the Antarctic coastal, there’s a "lost world" hiding 2400 meters deep, where a great deal of marine life, including species like some crabs, fish and starfish etc. which have not yet been discovered in science. The reason why […]

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How many exceedingly great fishes are there in Mekong?!

shocking amazed cool weird bizarre unusual rare amazing great large huge giant big fish (1)

The number of unusually large fishes living in the Mekong is far more than any place on earth, one of the WWF officials had said so.

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Amazing Guinness World Records – Passing beer bottles by riding atop a unicycle

amazing cool incredible amazed interesting fun weird odd bizarre Guinness World Records (10)

Local time on September 26, 2011, Tel Aviv, Israel, Lutz Eichholz, a 25-year-old German youth, was trying to set new world record of passing beer bottles by riding atop a unicycle. Finally, he successfully passed 127 beer bottles with the whole distance of 8.93 m, the previous record is 7.99 meters, which is in Italy […]

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Crazy operation in construction

amazed surprising shocking crazy dangerous odd bizarre horrible  building construction work pictures (2)

January 5, 2012, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province in China, an excavator was working on the roof of a 12-story building, such thing made the people both surprised and worried.    

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Amazing sculpture of yoga

amazed surprising weird odd bizarre strange unusual yoga sculpture art work (2)

When people first see this work, surely can’t make sense of what the meaning of that. In fact, this is actually a sculpture of yoga created by artist Katie Grinnan using marine sand, which represents a complete slow motion of yoga. Really great difficulties in understanding it…  

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