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Performance art against eating dog meat

amazing weird odd surprising bizarre Performance art against eating dog meat

December 19, 2011, the temperature about 3 degrees, in a wholesale market, China, Pian Shankong, a 40-year-old performance artist, took clothes off and got into a dog cage, then, a few volunteers took him to a nearby dog butcher store. "I do urge people not to eat dog meat." he said, who advocated loving small […]

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The most creative or weirdest headgears?

weird odd strange crazy cool amazed bizarre surprising different unique headgears caps (8)

It takes great courage to wear such headgears.

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Guinness World Records – World’s shortest woman living

amazing amazed interesting Guinness World Records worlds shortest woman girl living (1)

18th birthday for every one of us is of special significance, because it means you are adults, but for the Indian girl Jyoti Amge this day is even more important, for today she has been officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s shortest women, official data only 0.6195 meters tall […]

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Spectacular photos of the sky of the storms

amazing spectacular wonder amazed shocking cool awesome storm lightning sky (21)

Admirable photographer has started shooting the sky of the storms from 1999; he overcame many difficulties and captured these extremely amazing photographs. Does anyone know the name of the photographer? Next Pages

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Amazing photography – zero gravity photographic works

amazing awesome great excellent wonderful cool amazed zero-gravity photography works (11)

French photographer Philippe Ramette’s standpoint is that anything cannot play false, his astonishing works, weightlessness photography, looks like the images edited by Photoshop, in fact all the photos are real, however. If you look closely, you can see the subtle lack of coordination. People can see his taut hands and reddened face, Philippe said. Next […]

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Shocking sharks that were caught

amazed fearful frightening horrible shocking poor great white shark (3)

In the ocean sharks may be very cruel, but on Earth perhaps human is the cruelest. Sharks and human beings are all senior members in the food chain, over recent centuries human had made extraordinary progress in knowledge and technology holding all the trumps. I only have to say, human is the natural enemy of […]

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Amazing cool 3D paintings

amazing cool awesome fun interesting surprising amazed excellent great 3D paintings street art

3D painting has developed into a mature form of artistic expression. By light, surroundings and the location of the viewer, people would have particular logic and visual illusion. Awesome painting skills! Next Pages

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6-year-old Cambodian boy and his amazing friend

amazing horrible different weird odd bizarre cool startling stunning cool pet python (13)

Many children would keep cats or dogs as their pets, surprisingly however, a 6-year-old Cambodian boy’s pet turns out to be a 6.1 m, 120 kg female python! The report went out that from 3 months he had palled up with the python named ‘Lucky’ and, so far, they have been living together up to […]

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Incredible cats’ "sharp" tongue

amazing surprising fun magic fantastic amazed cats tongue prickle barb hooked papillae (6)

One of the features of cat’s tongue is that it’s covered with brush-like prickles. Certainly not the same as the hedgehog’s sharp erectile bristles, but more soft hooked papillae, for cat which can help drinking water, licking food and combing its hair, so, lots of hair will be eaten when cats trim or clean fur […]

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Greedy python stuffed to death

shocking amazed startling greedy python snake stuffed to death (2)

South Florida National Parks in the United States, someone found a dead python up to 5 meters long. From its bulging belly can be found that it’s only a short time after it swallowed the prey. After the autopsy the park’s staff found that in Python’s belly there’s an adult doe whole! Obviously, the snake […]

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Spectacular undersea sculpture museum in Mexico

Spectacular wonder amazing cool sea floor bed undersea sculptures museum Mexico (8)

Its purpose is to divert tourists’ attention from natural coral reefs so that they will be interested in these sculptures. According to statistics, nearly 750,000 visitors each year visit the local coral reefs. These life-size sculptures are from the British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, which are placed in the Caribbean sea and cover an area […]

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