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Amazing ‘ice world’ underwater

surprising beautiful amazing cool awesome diving underwater photography ice world wonder

Diving photographer Franco Banfi at Lake Sassolo in Ticino, Switzerland took a group of photos revealing a beautiful and amazing "ice world." Lake Sassolo is located in southern Switzerland, adjacent to Italy. Source

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Fantastic photographic work – Private Moon – Fall in love with luna

excellent magic amazing cool fantasy awesome photography personal Private Moon love photos (5)

As early as 2005, two Russian artists, Leonid Tishkov and photographer Boris Bendikov created a series of fantastic photo collection "Private Moon", the main content of which is a love story that a man accidentally discovered the moon and want to stay together for life. Next Pages

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Amazing people who with unique stunts

amazing cool wow awesome shocking weird bizarre surprising odd people stunt skills

Some of which are dangerous, don’t imitate them.   Next Pages

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High Speed Photography – The moment of bursting balloons

amazing cool photos High Speed Photography camera burst balloon funny pictures (1)

When a balloon pops, we can only see the balloon disappeared, then the debris of the balloon. However, using special photographic techniques, the moment of the burst can be completely shown before us. We can see incredible changes in shape of these balloons before which become plastic pieces.

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Images of alien in human’s imagination

weird cool shocking odd bizarre amazing alien imagination future earth images pictures photos

The humanity’s imagination of alien can be divided into many different species: human type with robust muscular body-build, Zerg monsters, modern iron and steel type, etc. Since nobody has ever seen aliens, are these figures based on forecasting of our future world? Are these aliens the human beings in the future? Whether the combination of […]

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Spectacular photos of puyehue’s eruption – Amazing lightning inside volcano ash cloud

shocking spectacular amazing cool dazzle southern Chile Puyehue volcano cluster eruption photos (13)

From evening of June 4, southern Chile’s puyehue volcanoes began to erupt and continually sent enormous volcanic ash and dust into the atmosphere as high as 10 km. Authorities have already issued red alert, which is the highest alert level at this volcanic region. Authorities said they had evacuated about 600 people around the volcano. […]

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Amazing India’s ascetic – The power of faith

amazing cool incredible unbelievable india ascetic faith belief practices religion virtue photos

In order to practice, an Indian ascetic, since 1973, has risen his right arm in the air as long as 38 years. Now, his right arm has been formed and is unable to move, he has become the symbol of master in India.

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Philippines’ volcanic lake will erupt – resulting in more than 700 tons fish dying

Taal Lake Luzon Philippines volcano crater erupt dead fish died unusual amazing photos

May 29, a fisherman was fishing for dead fish on the Taal Lake at Batangas province in southwestern Luzon, Philippines. The Philippine government said there were indications that Taal volcano will erupt, as the lake water temperature suddenly increased, resulting in about 700 tons fish dying. Philippine Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources said that […]

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Amazing erupting photos of Iceland’s Grimsvotn

amazing spectacular pictures Iceland Grimsvotn volcano erupt volcanic ash lightning photos (5)

Southeast Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano has erupted and lots of volcanic ash in the air, which severely infects the airline industry of European countries including Britain. There’re about 500 flights were canceled and thousands of passengers stranded in the airport.  

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The fishes were rising to the surface for air

amazing photos winters Russia fish lack oxygen deficit anoxia pictures (6)

For famous long cold winters of Russia, the fishes in pond St. Petersburg were hard to get enough oxygen. The fishes have to rise to the surface for air because the lack of oxygen in water.  

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Amazing photos of breaking the sound barrier

amazing cool awesome photos aircraft airplane break sound barrier pics (4)

An amateur photographer captured the amazing photos of aircraft breaking the sound barrier. Break the sound barrier is the phenomenon when the aircraft moves faster than the speed of sound. The vapor cone is formed by the instant condensation water vapor in the air when the aircraft breaks the sound barrier. Related videos 1. 2.

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