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Weird lake in Australia

amazing cool mysterious Gippsland lake water fluorescent blue light Australian photos

January 29, 2011, Australia, according to press reported, 34-year-old Melbourne’s photographer Phil Hart recently in the Lake Gippsland of Victoria took amazing photos – the waters emitted blue light as the fluorescent dye was dumped into the lake. Whether it’s natural phenomenon or artificial, it did at least seem to be great.

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The eruption of Japan’s volcano

amazing cool pictures alert southern Japan Shinmoedake volcano eruption (9)

January 27, 2011, southern Japan between Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures, Shinmoedake peak erupted. The volcano is spewing out towering columns of ash and smoke up to 2,500 meters. Japan Meteorological Agency has launched the emergency plans. Ash and rocks fell across the southern Japan between the prefectures of Kagoshima and Miyazaki, the authorities have raised […]

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Amazing cool photos in 2010

amazing cool awesome great stunning impressive incredible photos pics plane crash

A Canada’s F-18 fighter broke down when it was in performance, fortunately the pilots bailed out before the plane crashed. A parachutist was doing dangerous stunt action. Firstly He climbed out cockpit of the plane above, gliding along the wing, and then successfully jumped to the fuselage of another plane beneath. U.S. space shuttle Atlantis […]

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AFP’s Best Photos 2010

AFP Best Photos 2010 cool amazing excellent fun awesome interesting pictures

U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan opened fire on the Taliban October 8, 2010, East Jerusalem Silwan, a group of Palestinian youths standing in the middle of the road were throwing stones at Israeli vehicles, an Israeli driver hit against a youth. March 30, 2010, Washington, DC, Obama and Sarkozy were trotting into the Press Room August […]

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Best submarine photographic works 2010

amazing cool awesome photos 2010 best submarine photographic works competition (23)

There were more than 5,000 contestants for the competition, and winners were all over the world in 20 different countries. San Jose Bay, South Africa, a swordfish was attacking a shoal of fish. Silfra ocean trench near the mainland of Iceland The waters near Indonesia Frogfish and centriscus scutatus (shrimpfish) Antarctica’s seal Singer Island, Florida […]

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Amazing shoal of fish

beautiful amazing cool awesome spectacular splendid shoal of fish (5)

Some species of fish are instinctively gregarious, in order to avoid attack and confuse predators, the shoal of fish comes into being, besides, some shoals are because of the fish migration.   Next pages

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Awesome light painting works

top awesome beautiful cool funny excellent great amazing light painting drawing graffiti

January 17 news report, the United Kingdom Wales, photographer Michael Bosanko’s Light painting works. The light painting is also known as light graffiti or light drawing, it is a photographic technique which is produced in the dark by moving light sources or by moving camera. Michael’s light painting work is published many times on the […]

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Amazing photos of glacier caves

amazing cool stunning awesome great perfect photo glaciers ice cave pictures (7)

30-year-old American photographer Eric Guth often camps for days inside the mysterious and awful glaciers, the place can be incredible low temperature: sometimes as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius. Argentina’s Patagonia, Glacier National Park Glacier National Park in Patagonia Eric’s friend Justin Gardiner, it’s underground of the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares in Patagonia. Glaciers […]

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Marine killer with largest body – Huge jellyfish

amazing cool stunning beautiful freaking huge largest giant jellyfish japan (7)

Jellyfish – large oceanic transparent or showily colored siphonophore having a bladderlike float and stinging tentacles According to media reported, because of human over-fishing and other human activities, around the world there’re some huge jellyfish appear in the ocean, the researchers said, they are becoming the "master" of some sea areas, Researchers have even found […]

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Amazing photos of lionesses sieged a crocodile

cool awesome stunning amazing photographs lioness siege kill crocodile

According to the British "Daily Mail” reported on January 15, South Africa, 58-year-old cardiologist Tony Goldman took some stunning photographs when he was traveling in Botswana. He watched and took photos of three lionesses sieged a crocodile and eventually kill it. The cause of the fighting is the crocodile wanted to prey a lion’s cub, […]

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Amazing photos of the law of the jungle

amazing cool impressive excellent The law of the jungle nature kills (19)

Evolution is part of nature, stronger animals prey on weaker ones and nature kills. Brazil, Pantanal, a puma and a caiman were fighting; at last, the stronger puma overpowered the crocodile. A wolf and a vulture were facing out. At the same time they found a piece of meat. First finder the vulture closely guarding […]

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