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One hundred million U.S. dollars in coins

A hundred million U.S. dollars in coins

One hundred million U.S. dollars in coins! Can you imagine it? Here you can see the scene.

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Spectacular northern lights

iceland photographer amazing beautiful wonderful spectacular northern lights aurora photos (2)

November 2010, beautiful & spectacular northern lights taken by an Iceland’s photographer Orvar Thorgiersson, he is a software engineer from Reyjavik. Orvar Thorgiersson has recorded the change of northern lights since 2007, according to a study that the northern lights is expected to be climax of a cycle in 2012, the phenomenon is caused by […]

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National Geographic – 2010 best space photos

National Geographic 2010 best space photos

Photo taken in January, Bangkok, Thailand, a wonderful photo of the solar eclipse Photo taken by Hubble Space Telescope January,2010, Hawaii’s Haleakala Volcano This photo of macula taken by the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s new solar telescope, announced in August. Japan’s space probe returned to atmosphere on June 13 Satellite photo of Lake Ariel […]

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Tungurahua volcanic eruption

Ecuador Tungurahua volcanic eruption Andes

Local time on December 5, central Ecuador, Tungurahua volcanic eruption, the surrounding residents has evacuated. Tungurahua volcano in central Ecuador in the Andes, about 180 km from the capital Quito, is one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in Ecuador. The volcano resumed activity in 1999; the small-scale activities have been intense recently.

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Marvellous spectacle of Fire Tornado

amazing wonderful marvellous spectacle of Tornado Fire fire whirl

According to the report of the National Geographic that the United States, Brazil and other American countries all had forest fires due to the serious drought, In case of the tornado, there will be a rare Fire Tornado. The tornado fire is up to several meters, rotating forward like a fire dragon and destroying everything […]

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Amazing photos of Iceland’s volcanic eruption

amazing cool Europe southern Iceland volcanic eruption (4)

April 14, Iceland’s volcano erupted and emitted volcanic ashes, volcanic ash clouds at altitude 7,000 meters quickly floated to the European Continent, it can be ranked as the most serious destructive natural disaster for years. Icelandic photographer Roger Sigurdsson and geographer Tennessee Ari Trausti Gudmundsson risked their life to go recording this largest volcanic eruption […]

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Photographers of nuclear test

Photographers of nuclear explosion test photos

In order to capture the live images of nuclear test at Nevada and the South Pacific, the photographers had to be only a few kilometers away from the center of the explosion. According to the German "Der Spiegel" reported on November 25, the U.S. has already released a number of photos of nuclear explosions, and […]

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Aircraft was besieged by birds

U.S. Navy aircraft E-6B besieged by birds (2)

A U.S. Navy aircraft was suddenly besieged by birds near the runway; it was amazing that the E-6B aircraft was not affected by the birds. As a general rule, “bird strikes” are very dangerous and it’s a serious problem to jets all over the world  

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Plague of insects

Plague of insects Locust mosquito beetle swarms (1)

Locust is a kind of destructive insect, often migrating in immense swarms that devour all the vegetation and crops. The photos below include the locust and the mosquito and beetle as well.  

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The world’s largest oarfish

The worlds largest oarfish (5)

I think such big guys will be less and less  

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Microscopic world by looking through electron microscope

Microscopic world by looking through electron microscope (14)

The carpenter ant held a Microchip in its maxilla. This microscope magnifies dust 22 million times. A nylon buckle composed of nylon hook and loop Surface of silicon microchip Cigarette paper Human sperm The pilus of 21 times magnification The eyelashes of 50 times magnification Butterfly eggs Female nylon straitjacket Squame on peacock butterfly’s wings […]

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