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A plague of locusts

A plague of locusts locust swarm (1)

A plague of accidents. Locust is a kind of destructive insect. They came down and eat everything. The locust swarm destroys all the crops and vegetables. The landscape swarmed with locusts. Locusts swarmed over the field.   

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The power of life – tragic and great migration of animals

The power of life tragic and great migration of animals survival of the fittest (14)

Migratory behavior of animals is an adaptation phenomenon, by such activities to meet their specific needs during the life of the environmental conditions which to reliably guarantee the individual’s survival and prosperity of ethnic. So, the process of migration is the process of survival of the fittest.    

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Spectacular wonders of Lightning around the world- No PS

Spectacular wonders of Lightning around the world original photos no ps (6)

June 18, 2009, a violent thunder storm over Athens. The Lightning led to more than local 4,000 households in a power failure. July 10, 2009, Cape Canaveral, Florida, lightning hardly struck Kennedy Space Center; in the meanwhile, the "Endeavour" space shuttle is on the launcher. July 12, 2009, Beijing, lightning across the sky, it was […]

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Fantastic incredible art "human flowers"

cool awesome inspiration incredible fantastic art human flowers body painting (3)

Look at these “flowers” … Are you really sure that you’re watching flowers? Watch carefully and get ready to surprise… They are the human body! The gallery shows the world of “human flower”, incredible art! These fantastic visions achieved by human body painted various colors. For such images, it is hard to be not inspired. […]

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22 degrees halo – ice rainbow

amazing photos 22 degrees halo ice rainbow optical phenomenon

Photographer Reyaz Limalia took photos of an optical phenomenon known as "ice rainbow" near Birdlip, UK and took photos of the amazing moment. Weather officials call the optical phenomenon a "22 degrees halo" because of its circular formation of 22 degrees around the sun. Reyaz Limalia is one of a few ones to have captured […]

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Ayers Rock Waterfall

Australia Ayers Rock Waterfall photos (3)

October 14, 2010, Pete Carroll,the Australian photographer,who shot Ayers Rock after heavy rain. Water cascaded down the Ayers Rock’s mountainside. Ayers Rock in the center of Australia’s vast semi-arid desert region, perennial drought. Therefore, the photos taken by Pete Carroll are very precious.     

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Only in India – pictures

only in india 6


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Bizarre enough pictures

Bizarre enough1


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Our life of the year 3000 funny pics

by the year 3000 1

Auto shavers of the year 3000 will keep dad smooth and clean without massy creams and foams. By the year 3000, your clothes will automatically change themselves to stay in fashion. By the year 3000, getting a tan will only take few seconds.   By the year 3000, you won’t carry a backpack, it will […]

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Top 10 bizarrest restaurants around the world

Top 10 bizarrest restaurants around the world_hadaka_sushi

Sushi Restaurant Los Angeles Located in the heart of West Hollywood on Sunset strip this “Adults Only” Sushi restaurant, bar and lounge is equal parts exotic and delicious. Putting a new spin on sushi is an understatement. Where else could you order Nyotaimori “body sushi”? Which is the practice of eating sashimi or sushi from […]

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Top Ten Bizarre Pairs of Underwear

iPhone Panties

1. iPhone Panties This pair of underwear is just the right pair for the iPhone lovers out there. They even have the words “Slide to Unlock” on them. This could be enticing to the right person. 2. Chopstick Bra Triumph International Japan has come up with a bra that is eco-friendly and it promises cleavage. […]

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