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Portraits hidden in painting

funny interesting cool amazing optical illusion paintings pictures (9)

The Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak created a series of optical illusion paintings. Source

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Strange phenomenon in the night sky above Russia

strange amazing odd surprised spectacular phenomenon sky russia (6)

There’s an unusual phenomenon in the night sky above Astrakhan, Russia. People couldn’t explain what they saw; some believed that it’s caused by the thunderstorms, while others thought it was UFO. I prefer to believe that it’s the wake of a rocket or missile.

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Amazing Photos – Life On The Edge

cool awesome crazy shocking surprising impressive amazing pictures images (1)

Dennis Maitland, a photographer from Detroit in the United States, before shooting "Life On The Edge", who is a acrophobe, however, after completing this series of works, he became a person who desires for height and adrenaline. With unique angle of looking down from the edge of different high buildings, Dennis Maitland shot these dizzy […]

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Perfectly distorted faces

Eric Sehn competes on the ten metre platform at the Canadian Olympic Diving Trials at the Montreal 1976 Olympic Pool in Montreal.  May 26, 2012.  STEVE RUSSELL/TORONTO STAR

Usually photographers are all keen to record most beautiful moment, photographer Steve Russell has a fancy for shooting distorted faces, however, he thinks that the countenance of divers diving into the water at a speed of 60 km per hour after completion of the process of overturning can be ranked as perfection!

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Amazing airflow photos created by planes

cool amazing stunning beautiful plane airflow air currents photos

The airflow whirlpool caused by aircraft in flight may show a variety of beautiful patterns. Next Pages

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Spectacular underwater photos of whale preying on sardines

cool amazing spectacular impressive exciting wonder underwater photo pictures (4)

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on April 9, brave underwater photographer Doug Perrine and his companion Brandon Cole in Mexican waters underwater close photographed the spectacular scenes that a Bryde’s whale about 15 meters long was preying on shoal of sardines.   Via

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Photograph of the world’s most active volcano taken at close range

amazing cool wonderful spectacular beautiful volcano magma lava eurpting photo pictures (1)

British "Daily Mail" reported on March 28, Miles Morgan, a professional photographer who specializes in volcano in Hawaii shot Kilauea volcano at close quarters. Kilauea is the world’s most active volcano, Miles Morgan set up a tripod very close to the volcano and was taking stunning pictures while it was erupting violently.

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Amazing photo of the moment when candle goes out

amazing cool wonderful awesome great amazed photos candle

Photographer used Fuji S8100fd camera & Raynox M-250 lens to capture photo of the moment when candle snuffs out. We all know that candle goes out, there will be white smoke, observing the photo carefully, which is composed of countless tiny particles.

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Amazing photos of insects in the rain

amazing fun interesting impressive cool awesome surprised photography insect pictures (1)

The insects covered by the raindrops, as if wearing pearl jewelry, really beautiful and fantastic. Via

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Unusual underwater photos of swan

amazing beautiful nice underwater photographs swan National Geographic

March 6, 2012, in southern Russia, these stunning underwater photographs of swans taking food in the lake are masterpieces of Victor Lyagushkin, a 40-year-old photographer of National Geographic. Via

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Amazing photography – Funny pictures of dogs

amusing lol cute funny interesting dog pictures photos

Seth Casteel, pet photographer from LittleFriendsPhoto, who captured these funny photos of dogs at moment of plunging into the water. In the shooting, the photographer with small ball and toy lured dogs to rush into the pool, then underwater to capture these rare photos. Next Pages

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