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Collection of Lady Gaga 2011

amazed fun crazy shocking bizarre odd surprising weird lady gaga dress clothing (2)

There’s no doubt that Lady Gaga is world’s most famous star of the moment, the unique. Not only her songs, but also shocking dress. Next Pages

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Amazing photography of fire

amazing cool beautiful wonderful awesome impressive incredible flame fire photos pictures (1)

Fire has lots of symbolisms and allusions toward which people take awestruck and worshipful attitude, it can be convenient for our daily life, also, destroy everything in an instant! Photographer Tom Lacoste is fascinated by the flame and had captured follow amazed photos of fire. Next Page

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Amazing beautiful landscape photos

great awesome most amazing beautiful landscape scenery sight wonder photo pictures

The magic of nature, creating incredibly magical and beautiful scenery on Earth, there are more unknown adventures waiting for exploration by human beings. Next Pages

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Amazing photos of insects

amazed unusual amazing cool awesome great wonderful photos insects pictures (1)

Amateur photographer Nicolas Reusens has taken over 100 photos in the past three years, of which not the cute animals, but the amazing and little-known true features of various insects around the world. Via

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Fantastic photographic work – Private Moon – Fall in love with luna

excellent magic amazing cool fantasy awesome photography personal Private Moon love photos (5)

As early as 2005, two Russian artists, Leonid Tishkov and photographer Boris Bendikov created a series of fantastic photo collection "Private Moon", the main content of which is a love story that a man accidentally discovered the moon and want to stay together for life. Next Pages

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Amazing creative photographic works

amazing cool awesome creative funny great interesting amazed Illusion silhouette photography pictures (6)

Of course, these photos are not edited by photoshop. Sometimes the photographer has to spend a lot of work and time taking a picture, awesome works. Next Pages

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Amazing moments when aircraft breaking the sound barrier, F-22, etc.

amazing cool impressive sound barrier sonic barrier sonic boom f-22 plane photo pictures (1)

When the speed of aircraft approaching the speed of sound, there will be the increase in aerodynamic drag, so that aircraft have a strong oscillation and speed decay. This phenomenon is known as the sound barrier. As aircraft flying faster than the speed of sound and breaking the sound barrier, people will hear short and […]

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Spectacular photos of the sky of the storms

amazing spectacular wonder amazed shocking cool awesome storm lightning sky (21)

Admirable photographer has started shooting the sky of the storms from 1999; he overcame many difficulties and captured these extremely amazing photographs. Does anyone know the name of the photographer? Next Pages

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Shocking sharks that were caught

amazed fearful frightening horrible shocking poor great white shark (3)

In the ocean sharks may be very cruel, but on Earth perhaps human is the cruelest. Sharks and human beings are all senior members in the food chain, over recent centuries human had made extraordinary progress in knowledge and technology holding all the trumps. I only have to say, human is the natural enemy of […]

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Amazing war of ants

amazing horrible shocking rare unusual ant war battle (6)

Did world war of ant break out?!

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Alligator VS Python molurus bivittatus

amazing shocking crocodile Alligator Python molurus bivittatus pet photos

Little Python molurus bivittatus has no problem, many people keep it as a pet, however, there’s no place to keep it when it grows up, and some owners release the snakes into the wild, which leads to the resulting of ecological imbalance.

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