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Medieval Russia’s brutal instruments of torture

Medieval Russia shocking brutal horrible crazy fearful frightening instruments torture (4)

This is a museum which displays the instruments of torture in medieval Russia, each of which is gruesome and horrible, that’s really a dark era in human history.

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Huge crocodile more than 1 ton in weight and 6 meters in length was caught in Philippines

shocking surprising amazing huge biggest largest longest crocodile Crocodylus porosus Philippine (3)

Philippine officials on 6 said that a crocodile of more than a ton was captured at a village in Philippines. It’s reported that this crocodile had repeatedly attacked human and livestock, which is 6.4 meters in length and 1075 kilograms in weight. According to a man who caught the crocodile, a farmer and a few […]

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Amazing pictures of beer belly

amazing shocking crazy surprising huge big pot beer belly saggy stomachs flabby tummies (27)

The burning hot summer, beer belly becomes the multitudinous person’s worry. Is it a big belly caused by drinking too much beer? The medical research proves that guzzling beer isn’t the only reason why men develop pot belly, which perhaps has the reason on genes.   Next Pages

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The temperatures was so high that the road fractured

amazing shocking high temperatures China fractured road photos (1)

August 15, Mianyang, Sichuan, China, as the continuous high temperatures, the road located in the west of Mianyang Airport Road fractured because of high temperature and arched 50 cm. The responsible person of Mianyang Airport rushed to the scene and judged that the road was fractured due to high temperatures.

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A large-scale sandstorm was sweeping Phoenix

amazing shocking powerful large scale sandstorm dust storm attack sweep subject U.S. Phoenix

Local time on August 18, 2011, a powerful sandstorm attacked the U.S. Phoenix, which had reduced visibility to nearly zero.

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Shocking Deadly Piranhas In Amazon

amazing horrible terrible shocking fearful dangerous hazardous fish Piranha Amazon river (1)

Piranhas live in groups and may attack humans and animals. When hundreds of piranhas simultaneously attack a target, only a skeleton left after a few minutes, such scary scene is frightening very thought, so when you travel on the Amazon river, do not hand into the water! :) Amazon has the rainy season and dry […]

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The horrible army of caterpillars – Warning – creepy pictures

terrible horrible sick amazing crazy uncomfortable scary creepy fearful awful caterpillars

It’s uncomfortable when seeing a caterpillar, let alone the army of tens of thousands of caterpillars, such sort of feelings can only be seen in horror film turn my blood cold. Next Page

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Shocking “real human” exhibition

amazing crazy shocking frightening horrible fearful real human specimens model exhibition show

August 6, in Montevideo, Uruguay, visitors were watching an exhibition called "real human". Being in that exhibition would make my blood turn cold. Are these real human specimens? Or just model?  

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Amazing photos of directional blasting

cool awesome spectacular amazing chimney directional blasting pictures

In the morning of August 10, Chengdu, China, a power plant’s 210-meter-high chimney was implemented directional blasting, about 1 ton of explosives were placed at the field and drilling more than 3,000, more than 10,000 surrounding people evacuated.

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A television tower more than 70-meter-high was blown down by strong winds

television tv tower blown down by strong winds surprising amazing photos

July 26, Xiangfan City in Hubei Province, China, it encountered bad weather again and a 70-meter-high television tower was blown down by strong winds, fallen tower was coming towards a residential buildings. Fortunately, the roof’s insulation kept it and no casualties. At 19:30 that evening, the local fire brigade successfully removed the danger.

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Amazing photos when F/A-18 breaks the sound barrier

super cool amazing awesome F-18 fighter plane aircraft break sound barrier pictures

June 3, 2010, the Royal Australian Air Force’s F/A-18F "Super Hornet" fighter was in low-altitude flight training in Queensland. Photographer captured the amazing images when it broke the sonic barrier.

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