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Have you ever met a shark’s shard teeth?

amazing cool fearful crazy terrific horrible big white shark teeth pictures photo

The shark is dangerous to swimmers; being killed by sharks is a common occurrence in those waters where sharks are stalking. Although it’s the fiercest animal in the seas, in fact, humans are real threat to sharks.   Next Pages

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Shocking objects in body scanned by x-ray apparatus

amazing shocking surprising weird strange unusual crazy photos body under x-rays (2)

Amazing photograph taken with x-rays.  

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Interesting pictures which deceive your eyes

fun interesting weird bizarre unusual amazing cool pictures images deceive cheat eyes (8)

Amazing images lead to a false or deceptive visual impression. Next Pages

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Beautiful illustrations drawn by color pencil

amazing cool great vivid nice beautiful illustrations pencil drawing sketch pictures (13)

Don’t know the name of the artist, who has great skill in drawing, awesome works of art.   Next Pages

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The most beautiful fireworks in universe

beautiful stunning spectacular splendid awesome universe out space photos images pictures (1)

These stunning beautiful images were taken by The Hubble Space Telescope in past years. With the help of the device of Hubble Telescope, people have found many major discoveries of the universe.

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Mermaids really exist?!

amazing weird fun true bizarre dead body Corpse of Mermaid beach sea photo (5)

Corpse of Mermaid?! Looks very realistic, unlike the computer-generated imagery, may be the photographs of professional model.  

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Brave mother bear defeated tiger to protect her cubs

bear cub tiger fight battle amazing unusual cool photos pictures (3)

July 14, a lucky photographer captured some amazing photos in Rajasthan, India. A tiger wanted to prey two cub bears, brave mother bear protected the young and defeated it. At that time, the mother bear carrying her cubs was looking for water, the tiger crawled quietly close to them, the mother saw the tiger and […]

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Incredible moments of quite uncommon

awesome unbelievable great cool fun rare unusual moments amazing photos pictures (6)

Few of us could see these amazing photos, which don’t look like being edited by Photoshop. Thanks for those professional photographers.    

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Amazing people – ‘Zombie Boy’ Rick Genest and Jac Jagaciak

amazing people weird bizarre Zombie Boy Rick Genest famous model Jac Jagaciak photographs

Recently, the 16-year-old international famous model Jac Jagaciak and "Zombie Boy" Rick Genest taken photographs together, there is no terror, no discomfort, that we see is an emotion, a romantic and eccentric sadness. It may possibly be so…

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International natures’s best photography 2010

amazing great excellent perfect pictures international natures best photography 2010 (3)

Fantastic photos taken by the winners of international natures’s best photography 2010. They’re very lucky to capture these impressive moments, I believe, of course, that the precondition of success is their professional abilities and hard works.     Next Pages

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Images of alien in human’s imagination

weird cool shocking odd bizarre amazing alien imagination future earth images pictures photos

The humanity’s imagination of alien can be divided into many different species: human type with robust muscular body-build, Zerg monsters, modern iron and steel type, etc. Since nobody has ever seen aliens, are these figures based on forecasting of our future world? Are these aliens the human beings in the future? Whether the combination of […]

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