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Amazing photos of Chile’s volcano Puyehue eruption

amazing spectacular chile puyehue volcano eruption photos lightning ash cloud pictures

Volcanoes Puyehue in southern Chile in the evening of June 4 began to erupt and on June 5 the cloud of volcanic ash in the sky had been as high as 10 km. For safety reasons, the residents that the Government of Chile had evacuated increased from 700 to 4000. The local police had set […]

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Joint military exercise of South Korea and the United States held near the border of South and North Korea

cool amazing phptos pictures Joint military exercise South Korea United States U.S. tank fire (4)

June 8, the forces of South Korea and the U.S. at a shooting range near the demilitarized zone of South and North Korea 45 km from Seoul held joint military exercise. The pictures showed the South Korean army’s K-1 tanks were firing smoke.   

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Spectacular photos of puyehue’s eruption – Amazing lightning inside volcano ash cloud

shocking spectacular amazing cool dazzle southern Chile Puyehue volcano cluster eruption photos (13)

From evening of June 4, southern Chile’s puyehue volcanoes began to erupt and continually sent enormous volcanic ash and dust into the atmosphere as high as 10 km. Authorities have already issued red alert, which is the highest alert level at this volcanic region. Authorities said they had evacuated about 600 people around the volcano. […]

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Amazing erupting photos of Iceland’s Grimsvotn

amazing spectacular pictures Iceland Grimsvotn volcano erupt volcanic ash lightning photos (5)

Southeast Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano has erupted and lots of volcanic ash in the air, which severely infects the airline industry of European countries including Britain. There’re about 500 flights were canceled and thousands of passengers stranded in the airport.  

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Amazing photos of heavy rain

cool unusual amazing photos pictures images heavy rain torrents cats and dogs (1)

Someone captured the spectacular photos of a suddenly heavy tropical rain on a hill; it looked like the rain poured down in torrents from the sky!

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Shocking moments of great white shark

spectacular cool amazing shocking fatal great white shark fly hunting prey pictures (8)

Have you ever seen a great white shark flying in the sky? This is a monstrous great white shark of 20 feet length, photographer captured the impressive moments of hunting prey that it leaped out of the water and snapped a seal.     Next Pages

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Impressive scientific expedition inside a dormant volcano

amazing cool awesome great scientific expedition research inside internal iceland volcano

Last October, the first time of scientific expedition to the magma chamber inside the dormant volcano Thrihnukagigur in Iceland, the last eruption of this dormant volcano is about 3,000 years ago, inside there’s only the residual magma of that time, according to experts, however, Thrihnukagigur may explode at any time. Have to show my respect […]

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Amazing underwater photography

wonderful cool awesome power waves underwater photography amazing pictures (1)

May 6, 2011 Dailymail news report. Sydney, Australia, underwater photographer Mark Tipple’s latest photographic series. Wearying of the "normal" surfing photography, Tipple started underwater photography works. Using underwater camera he shot a lot of amazing photos under awesome waves with special view. That’s really fantastic!

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Dazzling tulips in full bloom in Holland

beautiful charming dazzling impressive nice stunning tulips bloom Holland (4)

Recently, tulips in Holland are now in full bloom, from the air like beautiful and dazzling carpets on the land. In the western Netherlands, Lisse, colorful tulip farms stretching to the horizon, where farmers expect to sell around the world the flower to get huge profits. Hundreds of thousands of tourists have flocked to here […]

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A brave Japanese journalist took photos in the waves of tsunami

amazing photos Japanese brave lucky fortunate reporter journalist tsunami waves survive (1)

April 14, Kyodo news agency released the photos, showing a Japanese reporter was engulfed in the tsunami waves triggered by the earthquake when he’s in an interview, after the earthquake, he was sent to gather news, but the sudden tsunami got him into dangerous situation, fortunately, he seized a rope to climb up to a […]

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The split second of the falling missile in Libya

amazing photos split second falling missile moment explosions Libyan Tripoli

March 29, the Libyan capital Tripoli, many explosions occurred near the home of Libyan leader Omar Mouammer al Gaddafi. Foreign journalists in Libya captured the split second of the falling missile.  

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