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Iceland’s volcano might erupt again

europe southern Iceland Katla volcano eruption erupt again spectacular wonder photos (4)

Under the glacier Eyjafjallajokull in southern Iceland, after the eruption of a volcano which has been silent for nearly two centuries, the small-scale seismic activities are continued, scientists worry that the eruption of Katla volcano may be triggered like before. The Katla is the main volcano in Iceland, once the eruption happens, it will impact […]

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Stunning Northern Lights with plenilune

beautiful nice amazing wonderful stunning Northern Lights aurora Iceland full moon

February 19, photographer Kerstin Langenberger took the photo of Northern Lights with plenilune in Iceland. These beautiful pictures of aurora seem to be taken during the day. But in fact, that blue sky was because the full moon was shining brightly. 28-year-old Kerstin Langenberger is German, but currently living in Iceland. She spent 300 hours […]

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Amazing photos of the eruption of Shinmoedake peak

amazing cool spectacular splendid incredible Japan Shinmoedake volcano eruption pictures

These spectacular pictures were taken by long exposure. As one of Mount Kirishima the volcano erupted and continually sent enormous ash and rocks into the sky then fell across southern Japan.         

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Amazing photos of overcrowded trains

amazing Bangladesh Dhaka overload overcrowded trains railway photos pictures (1)

Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, after the Bishwa Ijtema thousands of Muslim participants went home by train. There’re at least 2.5 million peoples attended the conference of two days.   India’s overload trains, there’re too many people in the train. Next Pages

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