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Crystal insects

cool photography amazing beautiful close up insects photos (2)

These stunning beautiful close-up photos were taken by David Chambon, a French photographer, who captured amazing moments with a macro lens when water droplets were in the morning still clinging on the insects.   Source

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Incredible Gravity Defying Photos by Artist Li Wei

Incredible unbelievable amazing cool awesome performance art Gravity Defying photos (16)

With the help of metal wires, rope, mirrors and acrobatics, Chinese performance artist Li Wei created incredible photos that people were in unbelievable condition of weightlessness alike. Finally, artist used Photoshop to remove the trails of rope and wires. Next Pages

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Amazing people – Only in India

amazing shocking cool wow weird odd bizarre surprising fun people indian pictures only in india (1)

Surprising photos, I’m at a loss what to say… I’m very surprised how he can breathe.  

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893-Yakuza – The real life of Japan’s mafia

amazing japan mafia gang underworld group gangdom real life photos (14)

Belgian photographer, Anton Kusters, who spend two years being with Yakuza, which is one of Japan’s Mafias. For people who aren’t familiar with Yakuza, their signs are the violence, tattoo and harsh rules. After several months of difficult negotiations, Kusters finally got permission to take photographs of Yakuza closely. His photos show what we have […]

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Amazing people who with unique stunts

amazing cool wow awesome shocking weird bizarre surprising odd people stunt skills

Some of which are dangerous, don’t imitate them.   Next Pages

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The Côte d’Ivoire’s "Magic Corps" without fear of bullets

weird bizarre amazing people man magic legion corps army traditional hunters africa avoid bullets

July 25, 1600 traditional hunters from northern Côte d’Ivoire were gathering in Abidjan to celebrate the advent of peace. Most of them support the incumbent president, Alassane Ouattara, for whom they battled. These hunters who inherit ancient customs are referred to as "Dozo". They believe that the clothes or some accessories they wear have the […]

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Volcanic eruptions photographs taken at close range

amazing cool spectacular rare wonderful incredible impressive Volcano eruption magma lava pics

The hot magma is as beautiful as fireworks. Photographers and explorers risked their lives to go to close the crater and took pictures of these rare scenes. They are adorable for their professionalism!   

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Amazing photos of heavy rain

cool unusual amazing photos pictures images heavy rain torrents cats and dogs (1)

Someone captured the spectacular photos of a suddenly heavy tropical rain on a hill; it looked like the rain poured down in torrents from the sky!

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Spectacular contrail photos of Russia’s rocket

stunning beautiful cool awesome wonderful russia rocket contrail long exposure photos (2)

The contrail photos record the motions of the Soyuz 2.1a/Fregat rocket in the night sky by the way of long exposure. 4th May, the Soyuz 2.1a/Fregat rocket launched at Plesetsk, a Russian, photographer perhaps, took these amazing photos in Yekaterinburg.    

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Impressive Human Pattern Design

impressive cool amazing great human patterns special visual effect photography (1)

German artist/photographer Claudia Rogge, he’s obsessed with Human Pattern design, perhaps you like the pattern is similar to the kind of usual floral or wallpaper patterns, but he loves to create patterns by using a large number of models. I wondered whether his works were edited by image processing software.       Next Pages

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The legendary mirror of the sky – Salar de Uyuni -Sea of Salt

beautiful amazing stunning Sea of Salt Salar De Uyuni mirror of sky largest salt flat (5)

It is the world’s largest salt flat and has the distinction of being one of the largest mirrors on Earth when covered with water, Salar de Uyuni(or Salar de Tunupa, Uyuni Salt Flat), the legendary mirror of the sky, it’s also the world’s highest salt flats at 3,656 meters (11,995 ft) above sea level, which […]

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