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Greece’s nation-wide strike

crazy massive Greece nation-wide strike workers Athens riot protesters demonstrater (11)

February 23, Athens, Greece, a police officer’s clothes caught fire.   For protesting the government’s tighten fiscal policy, the Greek workers staged a massive strike which lasted 24 hours, they destroyed the bus station, lit the trash, and there’re people throwing stones, plastic bottles or crude petrol bombs at police, while the police dispersed the […]

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The most creative fashion of Lady Gaga

funny weird crazy cool bizarre interesting top most creative fashion style Lady Gaga photos (28)

She is always the pioneer of the times. If there is no Lady Gaga, we can not imagine such a life in this world; with Lady Gaga, we live in fascination. Here photos are the most creative fashion of Lady Gaga. Did she ever let us fall?!   :) Next Pages

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Amazing Antelope Canyon

amazing attractive awesome stunning beautiful cool wonderful Antelope Canyon pictures (36)

Antelope Canyon is famous slit-type canyon and is also a well-known attractive place to photographers around the world, which is located in northern Arizona, closest to the city of Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon in the terrain is divided into two separate parts, known as the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon. The tourists […]

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The fishes were rising to the surface for air

amazing photos winters Russia fish lack oxygen deficit anoxia pictures (6)

For famous long cold winters of Russia, the fishes in pond St. Petersburg were hard to get enough oxygen. The fishes have to rise to the surface for air because the lack of oxygen in water.  

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Amazing heavy snowfall

amazing shocking crazy cool unusual rare seldom heavy snowfall russia (1)

It’s really shocking snowfall, everywhere was covered over with heavy snow. It seems that the snow is at least ten meters in depth. Heavy snowfall in Russia       Next Pages

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Continuous eruption of Japan’s volcano

amazing cool pics best Japan shinmoedake volcano eruption Lightning storm 4

The Shinmoedake volcano is at southern Japan between Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures, it continuously erupted over the past few days, the ash and smoke spewed out by the volcano is about 2,000 meters, around the city is covered with a thick volcanic ash. Currently, local traffic is chaotic and the crop is damaged, all aspects […]

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AFP’s Best Photos 2010

AFP Best Photos 2010 cool amazing excellent fun awesome interesting pictures

U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan opened fire on the Taliban October 8, 2010, East Jerusalem Silwan, a group of Palestinian youths standing in the middle of the road were throwing stones at Israeli vehicles, an Israeli driver hit against a youth. March 30, 2010, Washington, DC, Obama and Sarkozy were trotting into the Press Room August […]

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Amazing moments

amazing cool funny crazy shocking weird offbeat interesting photos photoshop (2)

Photo gallery of amazing moments, I’m just curious how about these photographers or the persons concerned. :) Of course, some of the photos are obviously edited by photo editing software like Photoshop.   More pictures

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Unexpected humorous creativity

amazing funny cool weird wierd awesome interesting unexpected humorous creativity pictures

Every picture has unexpected humorous creativity, they have their own interesting story, perhaps every visitor may have unique personal viewpoint, I believe you also have distinct understanding of it from all others!    

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Tungurahua volcanic eruption

Ecuador Tungurahua volcanic eruption Andes

Local time on December 5, central Ecuador, Tungurahua volcanic eruption, the surrounding residents has evacuated. Tungurahua volcano in central Ecuador in the Andes, about 180 km from the capital Quito, is one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in Ecuador. The volcano resumed activity in 1999; the small-scale activities have been intense recently.

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Amazing 3D pencil pictures

Amazing 3D pencil pictures (1)

The image on the paper is rich with the layer and stereoscopic feeling; it seems to have a 3D stereoscopic effect.

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