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Plague of insects

Plague of insects Locust mosquito beetle swarms (1)

Locust is a kind of destructive insect, often migrating in immense swarms that devour all the vegetation and crops. The photos below include the locust and the mosquito and beetle as well.  

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Microscopic world by looking through electron microscope

Microscopic world by looking through electron microscope (14)

The carpenter ant held a Microchip in its maxilla. This microscope magnifies dust 22 million times. A nylon buckle composed of nylon hook and loop Surface of silicon microchip Cigarette paper Human sperm The pilus of 21 times magnification The eyelashes of 50 times magnification Butterfly eggs Female nylon straitjacket Squame on peacock butterfly’s wings […]

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Spectacular wonders of Lightning around the world- No PS

Spectacular wonders of Lightning around the world original photos no ps (6)

June 18, 2009, a violent thunder storm over Athens. The Lightning led to more than local 4,000 households in a power failure. July 10, 2009, Cape Canaveral, Florida, lightning hardly struck Kennedy Space Center; in the meanwhile, the "Endeavour" space shuttle is on the launcher. July 12, 2009, Beijing, lightning across the sky, it was […]

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Eclipse taken in space

Shooting solar eclipse photos in space by NASA's SDO detector

October 20, 2010, NASA released pictures of solar eclipse taken by the SDO detector. October 7, the moving around moon passed between the sun and the detector, this moment was just recorded by SDO.   Shooting solar eclipse in space by NASA’s detector. Since February of this year, NASA released the Solar Dynamics Observatory, making […]

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Amazing creative image processing techniques

amazing cool awesome great creative professional image processing techniques (16)

Absolutely professional image processing techniques, very creative, some of them are commercials.  

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Fire Falls

Yosemite National Park El Capitan Fire Water Fall scenery

Yosemite National Park, California, USA. Built in 1890, Yosemite National Park covers an area of 1,200 square miles. El Capitan’s Fire Falls is one of the rarest sceneries in the park. Fire Falls is not magma of volcanic eruption, which is the optical effect when specific angle sunlight falls on the waterfall. You can see […]

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Stubborn tree & bad luck house

funny_Stubborn tree bad luck house crane 5

Santa Rosa, this California town can not just Intel’s darling, this tree seems to love it, and refuse to leave, even using the crane, it is said that "dogs fight play off," but the house is really bad luck, fortunately no injuries.   

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The world’s longest Art Museum

Amazing pictures of Stockholm subway underground art gallery

The world’s longest Art Museum – the Stockholm Metro, called "the world’s longest underground art gallery". The Stockholm subway built in the 1940s, at that time, how to decorate each subway station was the question that the people was thinking, and later decided to let a hundred artists with their own style and art concept […]

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Humourous visual effects

funny pictures of Humourous visual effects In photography

In photography, through the image dislocation with foreground and background, we are often able to produce unexpected visual effects. (Click the thumbnail to view pictures in large size)  

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Amazing pictures of Clone Art

The collection of Clone Art pictures. The special effects are great! I’m not computer graphic expert, but these special effects are impressive by any standards.

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Purgatory! Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling platform explosion scene (Amazing photos)

funny cross-eyed pictures cat animal politician 4

Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico, an offshore drilling platform explosion, 11 people missing and 17 injured. Currently the oil pollution seriously threatens the environment of the region.    

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