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Animated paper folding art

animated awesome amazing cool paper folding origami sculptures art (7)

Amazing origami sculptures look like vividly animals and fictional characters created by talented artist Shuki Kato, Kamiya Satoshi, robert Lang and John Montroll. Next Pages

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Are they sisters or brothers?

interesting amazing celebrities strong resemblance similar much alike

There’s an uncommon likeness of these celebrities, really amazing.

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The world’s oldest cat

Guinness World Records worlds oldest cat

It’s really an old cat that the kid’s holding, in accordance with the age of cat, it is equivalent to 172-year-old and up to now is the world’s oldest cat. The cat named "Lucy" was born in 1972, the owner is already 63-year-old, and in 1972 one of his relatives gave this new born cat […]

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Amazed giant pythons in the world

amazing shocking crazy unbelievable worlds biggest largest huge giant pythons snakes (10)

What makes humans so fascinated by the giant pythons? We are very curious about giant pythons, but sometimes we are shocked by their great size as well. Be prepared to take a look at world’s largest snakes. Next Pages

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Challenging extreme sports – Crazy Swiss ‘spiderman’

shocking crazy cool awesome amazing dangerous exciting extreme sports climbing challenges (2)

According to the British "Daily Mail",five climbers from ‘Mammut’, a Swiss mountaineering party, showing the unique challenges of their choice: The cables of 25 meters above ground at an elevation of 3491 meters, 38-meter-high crane, a pile of dozens of scrap cars, the lift’s cable of 120 meters long, and the steel girder of 70 […]

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Perhaps the largest national flag of Switzerland

amazing cool creative giant National Flag of Switzerland projection celebration

The Alps, January 1, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Jungfraujoch railway, using projection display equipment, the northern slope of Jungfrau was covered by a giant National Flag of Switzerland.

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Red Skull or Ghost Rider?!

Red Skull Ghost Rider funny interesting amazing cool weird odd bizarre match art work

Can you guess what is this made of? It is a match artwork created by David Mach, looks like the Red Skull in Captain America and, when it’s lit, Ghost Rider alike (the second picture from the bottom) :)  

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Weird creatures with human face figure around the world

Weird odd strange bizarre amazing rare surprising animals insect creature resemble human face figure pattern (9)

Japan’s Toba Aquarium, a crab (right) with the figure of human face like is lying beside its shedding shell. This strange crab was caught by a 8-year-old boy at seaside and was sent to the aquarium. Insects     Aquatic organism Alien alike :)

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Amazing farm with unique geography

amazing cool spectacular wonder landscape unique hill mountain farm (2)

In Bolzano, Italy, a unusual farm sits on the side of the mountain. Farmers daily labor on the slopes and at the end of it is cliff.  

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Whale sharks’ free lunch – Amazing underwater photography

amazing surprising amazed great cool awesome wonderful underwater photos Whale sharks

Although not invited, these unbidden guests, whale sharks in Papua Barat in India are still coming. Underwater photographer recorded the scenes of this amazing "buffet". Whale sharks are lured by local fishermen’s nets, most of these nets have holes, which provide “free lunch” opportunities for whale sharks, and they would suck fish from those holes […]

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Amazing cool 3D paintings

amazing cool awesome fun interesting surprising amazed excellent great 3D paintings street art

3D painting has developed into a mature form of artistic expression. By light, surroundings and the location of the viewer, people would have particular logic and visual illusion. Awesome painting skills! Next Pages

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