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Perhaps the world’s heaviest woman

the worlds heaviest woman American Terry Smith 320 kilograms (1)

November 16, 2010, Cleveland, Terry Smith can not stand because of obesity, and must live in bed. American Terry Smith, 49, weighing nearly 320 kilograms, may be the world’s heaviest woman. Because of obesity, Smith’s body is fragile, eating, bathing and all other daily activities can only be in bed, it’s luck that she has […]

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Gathering honey at Himalayas Mountain

worlds largest bee Everest Himalayas Mountain Gurung gather honey Nepal (7)

Cliffs of the Himalayas in Nepal there’s the world’s largest bee, the scientific name is Apis Laboriosa. At the base of the Himalayas Mountain, 2500 meters above sea level, there are some people who gather honey living in a small village of Gurung. The season of gathering honey, they are climbing the ladder, and risk […]

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Spectacular pilgrimage to Mecca

grand amazing great Spectacular pilgrimage to Mecca (30)

Very year millions of Muslims have made pilgrimages to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, where is Islam’s most sacred shrine. A pilgrimage to the holy land Mecca is made as an objective of the religious life of a Moslem. In the perspective of cultural anthropology, the pilgrimage is a typical "transitional protocol" of every Muslim in […]

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Guinness World Records – World’s hottest pepper

Guinness World Records Worlds hottest ghost pepper india (1)

Northeastern mountain area of India is rich in a pepper, a very hot pepper, SHU (Scoville Scale or Scoville Heat Unit) is over 1 million, and the natives name it "Ghost Pepper". The pepper is recognized this year by Guinness World Records as the world’s hottest pepper. "Ghost Pepper" makes a hit overnight and it […]

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Creepy markets in Indonesia

Creepy terrible markets in Indonesia (14)

Indonesia, North Sulawesi province, a small town markets, such food of tropical forests is really creepy and terrible. As far as I do not have the courage to try…    

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Marvellous spectacle of Fire Tornado

amazing wonderful marvellous spectacle of Tornado Fire fire whirl

According to the report of the National Geographic that the United States, Brazil and other American countries all had forest fires due to the serious drought, In case of the tornado, there will be a rare Fire Tornado. The tornado fire is up to several meters, rotating forward like a fire dragon and destroying everything […]

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A woman from Spain had registered the sun as being her property

A woman from Spain had registered the sun as being her property

   ‘I know the law’: An international agreement states that no country may claim ownership of a planet or star, but it says nothing about individuals. After billions of years the Sun finally has an owner — a woman from Spain’s soggy region of Galicia said Friday she had registered the star at a local […]

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World records biggest halibut

German angler Iceland giant biggest halibut record

According to British media reported, a 70-year-old German angler at fjords of western Iceland captured a giant halibut weighing about 215 kg. Gunther Hancell struggled with this big fish for two hours; with the help of five men he dragged it on the boat. It was reported that this "monster" weighed 480 pounds, 8 feet […]

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A great feast

Guangzhou Liede village great feast (4)

November 20, 2010, Guangzhou Liede village, a grand feast with 808 tables. All people of the village got together to have a meal.

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HD Satellite images of Mount Merapi volcano eruption

HD Satellite images of Mount Merapi volcano eruption 5

"Merapi volcano" is located in Indonesia’s Central Java province, about 2968 meters; it’s the most active volcanoes in Indonesia and one of the world’s most active volcanoes. From 1548, has been erupted by spells 68 times. November 5, 2010, Mount Merapi volcano began a large-scale eruption, in addition to heavy casualties, but also caused a […]

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Brazil giantess: 14-year-old girl is 2.06 meters tall

Brazil giantess 14-year-old girl 2.06 meters tall (7)

She was only 14 years old, even higher than most adults, 2.06 meters! The girl called Aree Sanny, her dream is to be a model. For now it seems that her dream will come true. Not long after that, she will take part in a model show held in Belem, Brazil. It’s said that the […]

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