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Excellent paper art


Jo Lynn Alcorn, American artist, graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, focusing on paper art, now lives in New York, her artwork has a strong three-dimensional sense and artistic tension, can instantly attract people’s attention and vary with different themes. Next Page

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Incredible cats’ "sharp" tongue

amazing surprising fun magic fantastic amazed cats tongue prickle barb hooked papillae (6)

One of the features of cat’s tongue is that it’s covered with brush-like prickles. Certainly not the same as the hedgehog’s sharp erectile bristles, but more soft hooked papillae, for cat which can help drinking water, licking food and combing its hair, so, lots of hair will be eaten when cats trim or clean fur […]

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A large crocodile 6.187 m in length

largest big shocking amazing surprising alligator crocodile Philippines (1)

Local time on November 9, 2011, Bunawan,Mindanao in Philippines, zoologist Adam Britton was measuring the crocodile’s length. November 9, a town in the Philippines said that they caught a big crocodile of 6.187 m in length.

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Spectacular view of flocks

spectacular impressive amazing interesting inspiring awesome wonderful bird flocks

Yearly from late autumn to early spring, over the Gretna Green in Scotland, you can enjoy the magic birds’ flight performance. Every year after a long flight from their habitat in Russia or Scandinavia they will be there for winter, tens of thousands of flocks of birds flying in the sky to compose a variety […]

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Female sumo in Japan

amazing surprising Japanese female girl woman sumo wrestler

Many female sumo wrestlers in Japan are from an early age to start training. Compared to men, the competition ground of female sumo is different, which is plastic mat for contest and, of course, the dress is also different from men. Next Pages

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Amazing moments in boxing

amazing cool awesome crazy shocking moments boxing photo pictures (7)

Boxing is known as a sport for the brave, as early as ancient Greek and Roman times, there are many vivid records about boxing. Nowadays, boxing is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Next Pages

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Amazing X-ray images

beautiful nice novelty x-ray pictures images photos

A different world of X-ray. Next Pages

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The world’s largest balloon sculpture – A giant black spider

amazing cool awesome fun giant huge biggest balloon sculpture black spider (5)

A balloon artist using 3000 balloons to create a giant model of black spider, the entire of which is 45 feet 2 inches in width and 22 feet 2 inches in length, finishing the work cost him 6 days 10 hours, it had been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as he world’s […]

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Amazing photos – Frog swallowing fish

surprising startling amazing rare unusual frog eat swallow fish pictures

In general, frogs feed on insects, but some sorts of large frogs can prey on fish, rodents and even birds. These amazing photos of frog swallowing fish are indeed rare.

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Giant vegetables around the world

shocking giant amazing enormous colossal huge largest big vegetable plant (1)

Let’s have a look at these amazing and unique vegetables in the world.

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Gorgeous visual effects made by light

gorgeous amazing cool awesome fantastic visual effects light Op Art Graffita art (7)

These gorgeous images which look like only in magic films are created by Wes Whaley, an American amateur photographer, who using the fluorescent tubes and other props to make this fantastic work.

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