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Weird fish with human-like teeth

weird odd bizarre strange shocking surprising horrible amazing fish human like teeth

Don’t know what species of this ugly strange fish, and the weirdest is that it has human-like teeth and seems both horrible and ridiculous, do you what the fish is?

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Amazing overcrowding transporting in Bangladesh

amazing shocking surprising unbelievable incredible Overcrowding crowded train ship Bangladesh (3)

Local time on August 30, 2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh, people were managing to crowd onto a train, the overcrowding in which can match the transporting during the Spring Festival in China. Overcrowding ships

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Beauty contest of man

africa Bororo male man beauty contest competition (2)

Bororo still lives a primitive nomadic life isolated from the outside world. Despite the harsh living conditions, they are still passionate about life and beauty, "beauty contest of man" is an act of their love for beauty.   Next Pages

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Debris flow? No, it’s garbage flow

shocking surprising amazing rubbish garbage debris flow rainstorms photos

August 28, in the Philippine capital Manila, due to the typhoon Nanmadol, a landfill collapsed because of rainstorms, leading to great spurt of lots of garbage came out of the landfill, some houses were destroyed. 27, "Nanmadol" landed in the northern Philippines.

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The images of black hole chomping up stars

amazing spectacular awesome cool stars black hole universe photo images pictures (3)

This is considered the most mysterious and most amazing scene in the universe. The black hole in the image is like a devil and a close star is shredded into plasma and invisible. Such black holes regularly chomp up stars, and that produces a lot of radiation. Report said that the black hole is extremely […]

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Jellyfish invasion in many countries worldwide that interfered with nuclear power plant operation

unusual strange amazing weird jellyfish surge world nuclear power plant global climate change (1)

On July 5 in Hadera, port city in Israel, workers were removing large numbers of jellyfish in the water near the nuclear power plant. Recently, the phenomena of surging jellyfish occurred around the world, in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Israel and other places, jellyfish interfered with nuclear power plants running and scared seaside […]

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Amazing hairdresser’s tool

amazing funny interesting weird odd unusual offbeat special barber cut hair sickle (10)

In the mountains in Guizhou Province, China, there’s a very special minority – Bia Sha Miao nation. At the wedding, after the celebrating with gunfire, the mountain village’s elder will cut groom’s hair with an important tool in their daily life – sickle. Pretty Tourist Guide   Local Restaurant

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Amazing magic specimens created by Japanese artist

weird odd amazing shocking real spirits fairy biological specimens myths fable (3)

A Japanese artist took bio-anatomy as the base to create these very distinctive biological specimens, which incredibly depict the amazing world of myths and fables. First time watching these vivid specimens, we can actually feel the shocking reality, as if a few centuries ago, such creatures really once existed.   Next Pages

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Due to the Puyehue’s volcanic eruption, beautiful lake became a quagmire

Argentina Chile Lake Nahuel Huapi quagmire volcanic ash mud Puyehue volcano eruption

Lake Nahuel Huapi is at the border areas between Argentina and Chile, contrast picture of Lake Nahuel Huapi before and after the volcanic eruption, which were taken on August 17, 2009 and June 8, 2011 respectively. Lake Nahuel Huapi is the famous tourist destination of the place, but along with Puyehue’s eruption, the lake was […]

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The world’s largest ice cream cake

amazing cool interesting fun new Guinness World Record worlds largest ice cream cake (3)

May 10, Canada, the famous chain brand of ice cream, Dairy Queen, set a new Guinness World Record to commemorate and celebrate their 30th anniversary. They made the world’s largest ice cream cake with about 9,000 kilograms ice cream, 91 kilograms cake and other 136 kg ingredients, etc.    

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Scene photos of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant when destructive tsunami was coming

Fukushima nuclear power plant amazing powerful catastrophic shocking japan earthquake tsunami

Tokyo Electric Power Company on May 19 revealed the photos that showed the condition of Fukushima nuclear power plant when devastating tsunami was coming on March 11. Mankind is liable to forget what puny little creatures human beings are under the power of nature.  

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