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Seoul Culture Festival’s human light show

fun interesting amazing dazzling acrobatic performance show Seoul Culture Festival

Local time on May 5, in Seoul, Korea, an acrobatic performance of human light was at Seoul Culture Festival. Performers were doing a variety of actions 30 meters above the ground to give a kind of visual enjoyment.

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Creative design – amazing swimming pool

creative amazing cool awesome fun contemporary art design swimming pool artist (1)

People are ‘submerged’ in water and isolated from outside surrounding, it seems a little frightening, after all, this isn’t the way we’re familiar. However, Erlich, artist from Argentina, design this seemingly horrible swimming pool, the purpose is to attempt to arouse the awareness of Earth’s freshwater resources. Erlich is a famous contemporary artist; he likes […]

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The world’s most beautiful cliff

amazing cool awesome spectacular wonder Preikestolen Lysefjord Ryfylke Norway cliff_ (16)

The Lysefjord in Ryfylke of southern Norway, Preikestolen is a famous tourist destination. the highest of the cliff is 604 meters (1982 feet) from the surface of the water and the area is ​​about 600 square meters. This famous tourist attraction also has other names: Prekestolen, Preacher’s Pulpit, Pulpit Rock or Hyvlatonnå. Never go to […]

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Amazing landscape of Kamchatka volcano crater

incredible spectacular wonderful landscape Kamchatka Mutnovsky volcano crater (6)

Kamchatka in Siberia of Russia is one of the most famous volcanic regions in the world, which has high density of active volcanoes with different types and geographical features. Mutnovsky volcano craters, Kamtchatka, there’re numerous fumaroles emitting hot sulfur and smoke gas, boiling mud pots and hot geysers, crystalline sulfur, etc. Adventurers can even enjoy […]

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Japan’s Shinmoedake Volcano erupted once again this month

amazing spectacular cool shocking grand wonder Japan Volcano eurption lightning storm (2)

April 18, Japan’s Shinmoedake Volcano, which is on the southern island of Kyushu, erupted again on a small scale. In the light of the sources of Japan Weather Agency, it was the second eruption of Shinmoedake Volcano this month since the last time on April 9.    

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The world’s greatest and highest hairstyle

amazing weird strange funny Guinness World Records worlds greatest highest hairstyle (1)

April 10, 2011, the X International Festival of Hairdresser Art in Kiev, Ukraine, a model was showing the world’s highest hairstyle which is the shape of Eiffel Tower formed by more than 350 meters braids and a framework of 7.7m height, this hairstyle can set a Guinness World Records in Ukraine.  

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Beautiful blue mushroom

beautiful nice unusual rare amazing mysterious blue mushroom fungus fairy Pixies Parasol (5)

Mycena interrupta, commonly known as the Pixies Parasol, is a sort of mushroom that is fungus of the Gondwana flora. It can be seen in Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Chile, and is widely distributed in Australia: Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland’s Lamington National Park. In legend, the eyes can […]

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Brave zebra rose in fighting back

amazing breathtaking scene lion prey zebra fight back resistance africa Tanzania (1)

It’s a breathtaking scene at Ngorongoro Pushcha in Tanzania. A hungry lion was leaping out from hiding grass to attack a zebra, when the lion’s intending to subdue the zebra with his sharp teeth, he’s fiercely fought back. The hind of zebra kicked the lion on the chin, finally, the zebra was lucky enough to […]

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From start to finish of a greedy snake swallowing a rat

breathtaking horror amazing cool frightful outbreathing snake swallowing eat mouse rat process course (7)

In general conditions, the snake firstly wreathes itself around the mouse and kills the prey by suffocating it in its coils, then to proceed the breathtaking swallowing process.      

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UK’s unique model agency – "Ugly Models"

individual arresting ugliest weird strange amazing ugly people guy Ugly Models

According to the British "Daily Mail " reported, there’s a unique model agency in Britain, Ugly Models, it only searches special models based on looks and is one of the biggest character model agencies in the world. Since its establishment 41 years ago, the London-based ugly agency has boasted a roster of more than 1,000 […]

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Trees were shrouded by webs as ghostly cocoons

amazing strange weird fun Pakistani trees shrouded ghostly cocoons spiders sin webs violent floods

In the village of Sindh, Pakistani, after the catastrophic violent floods in 2010, large numbers of spiders spun webs in the trees line the banks of a submerged farm field, the trees were shrouded by the webs which like strange cocoons.      

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