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Irish artist decorates arts center with condoms

weird odd strange amazing surprising creative art work exhibition against AIDS (3)

November 23, 2011, at Centre National d’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou in Paris, France, visitors was appreciating Irish artist Bryan Mc Cormack’s work. Inside the building every story is decorated with colorful condoms and it’s as part of a crusade against AIDS. The exhibition will continue until December 5.

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Spectacular undersea sculpture museum in Mexico

Spectacular wonder amazing cool sea floor bed undersea sculptures museum Mexico (8)

Its purpose is to divert tourists’ attention from natural coral reefs so that they will be interested in these sculptures. According to statistics, nearly 750,000 visitors each year visit the local coral reefs. These life-size sculptures are from the British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, which are placed in the Caribbean sea and cover an area […]

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Amazing magic specimens created by Japanese artist

weird odd amazing shocking real spirits fairy biological specimens myths fable (3)

A Japanese artist took bio-anatomy as the base to create these very distinctive biological specimens, which incredibly depict the amazing world of myths and fables. First time watching these vivid specimens, we can actually feel the shocking reality, as if a few centuries ago, such creatures really once existed.   Next Pages

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Amazing optical illusion – Invisible man

Amazing cool mysterious weird awesome bizarre body art optical illusion invisible hidden person

With the help of his friend Julián, Artist Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi gradually covered him with the blue mixture of mud and paint, then Alejandro took photos of Julián at many different kinds of stages, which created an optical illusion that Julián became increasingly invisible or was emerging from nowhere like ghost. Of course, these images […]

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Impressive Human Pattern Design

impressive cool amazing great human patterns special visual effect photography (1)

German artist/photographer Claudia Rogge, he’s obsessed with Human Pattern design, perhaps you like the pattern is similar to the kind of usual floral or wallpaper patterns, but he loves to create patterns by using a large number of models. I wondered whether his works were edited by image processing software.       Next Pages

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Eerie and mysterious underground world of Paris

attractive mysterious amazing cool awesome fun underground world art Paris (15)

Paris’ underground quarry tunnels are about 280 kilometers long. in the abandoned underground quarry tunnels of Paris, a painter called Lone was painting the mural that is in accordance with the best known painting ‘Isle of the Dead’(German: Die Toteninsel) of Swiss artist Arnold Böcklin. People access into these quarries is illegal, so the explorers […]

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Amazing miniature sculptures in the eye of a needle

Amazing cool impressive funny Miniature art works sculptures in the eye of a needle (4)

As the common saying goes, “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of good”. But below sculptures are small enough to pass through the eye of the needle, even a team of camels! :)  Miniature artist Willard Wigan’s miniature works, […]

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Exquisite paper-cutting works of the city maps

amazing cool awesome creative exquisite handicraft paper cutting works city maps design

Designer Karen O’Leary demonstrated his exquisite handicraft – paper-cutting works of the city maps. This kind of work requires not only superb skills, but also needs patience. Works as such, deserve admiration. Karen O’Leary will sell these maps, the price from twenty dollars to a thousand dollars. More pictures

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Amazing painting with human

creative amazing painting the human body realistic

This is just an art of painting the human body, so the human body can smoothly integrate into the picture behind; it’s more realistic as a whole.

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Amazing 3D pencil pictures

Amazing 3D pencil pictures (1)

The image on the paper is rich with the layer and stereoscopic feeling; it seems to have a 3D stereoscopic effect.

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Amazing and Incredible – The Art of Woodcarving

Amazing and Incredible - The Art of Woodcarving (8)

The age-old art of creating or decorating objects of wood by carving with a sharp, hand-held tool, such as graver, carving knife, carving machine, etc. These are carved out of wood, can you believe it?! That’s awesome and cool…          

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