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Cool 3D paintings

amazing impressive cool 3d paintings art (1)

French artist Shaka firstly sculpts objects on the canvas, and then covers them with paint layers to create amazing paintings with three-dimensional effect. Source

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Creative Use Of Negative Space In Art

cool amzing images illustration negative space (14)

Outstanding graphic designer Noma Bar created amazing illustrations that are composed by empty space around shapes and multiple subjects, really impressive, enjoy~   Source

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Amazing 3D street illusion

incredible amazing cool awesome impressive 3d street paintings art

Amazing 3D illusion paintings by German artist Manfred Stader served as backdrops that people can take incredible and creative photos. Next Pages

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How to create 3D street painting

cool amazing wonderful awesome 3d street painting art (5)

Three-dimensional street painting of LEGO Army created by Leon Keer, Ruben Poncia, Remko van Schaik, and Peter Westerink during the Sarasota chalk festival in Florida.   Video

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Incredible Gravity Defying Photos by Artist Li Wei

Incredible unbelievable amazing cool awesome performance art Gravity Defying photos (16)

With the help of metal wires, rope, mirrors and acrobatics, Chinese performance artist Li Wei created incredible photos that people were in unbelievable condition of weightlessness alike. Finally, artist used Photoshop to remove the trails of rope and wires. Next Pages

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Unique hostel for rock climbers

unique cool spectacular concept building architecture design (1)

The exterior of spectacular Barcelona Rock hostel made of rocks is for advanced rock climbers that they can even stay overnight with special equipment. The concept building by Polish architecture firm UGO will have climbing walls for beginners and entertainment facilities such as Movie Theater, swimming pool, gym, SPA, bar, and so on, fifty rooms […]

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Stunning beautiful three-dimensional fish paintings

amazing stunning beautiful vivid realistic lifelike cool 3d fish paintings (2)

Amazing 3D fish paintings by Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori. Each of these three-dimensional paintings consists of multiple transparent layers formed by resin. Firstly liquid resin is poured into wooden container, after being solid, artist begins to paint. Finally the artist creates amazingly lifelike fish by repeating the process. Photos by Dominic Alves  

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Terrifying elevator shaft

creative cool awesome 3D three dimensional optical illusion (2)

When the doors of this elevator shaft at Southside shopping centre in London opened, people would be scared to see that they’re only a step away from the collapsed floor of the elevator. This creative 3D optical illusion was created to welcome the launch of Alton Towers Resort’s new attraction – Nemesis Sub-Terra.  

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Creative shadow art

awesome cool creative pretty nice shadow art

Creative shadow art created by artist Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan. Rashad Alakbarov creates unique form of images of landscapes, human face, buildings, etc. on walls by using carefully arranged objects instead of regular paintbrushes.

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Taking creative pictures by this installation

funny interesting creative cool inspirational art installation

At the Centquatre gallery in Paris, France, an interesting interactive art installation by Leandro Erlich is now on display, people can take cool photos by a large mirror when they’re posting on horizontal building facade on the ground.

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Cool photography – Gravity free

awesome eye-catching amazing cool photography gravity defying photo (1)

Using himself as model, French artist Philippe Ramette created these creative and impressive images that showing him in the poses of gravity free. These images weren’t edited by Photoshop or any other image processing software but were taken on location with the help of hidden supports. Next Pages

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