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Dazzling LED light sculptures

amazing beautiful led lights sculpture art (1)

Magical three-dimensional sculptures created by Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki look like the floating Olympic Five-Rings Flag at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. These dazzling sculptures in dark are made out of thousands of LED lights and hang from the ceiling.   Source Video

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Creative shadow art

awesome cool creative pretty nice shadow art

Creative shadow art created by artist Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan. Rashad Alakbarov creates unique form of images of landscapes, human face, buildings, etc. on walls by using carefully arranged objects instead of regular paintbrushes.

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Unusual glass sculptures

amazing stunning cool beautiful glass sculptures (1)

Exquisite and beautiful glass sculptures by artist Robert Mickelsen, complex and detailed network of glass shapes the objects, humans, bottles, animals and even weapons.

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Photograph of the world’s most active volcano taken at close range

amazing cool wonderful spectacular beautiful volcano magma lava eurpting photo pictures (1)

British "Daily Mail" reported on March 28, Miles Morgan, a professional photographer who specializes in volcano in Hawaii shot Kilauea volcano at close quarters. Kilauea is the world’s most active volcano, Miles Morgan set up a tripod very close to the volcano and was taking stunning pictures while it was erupting violently.

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Spectacular and exquisite beach artworks

amazing awesome impressive cool spectacular beautiful beach painting art work (8)

The British "Daily Mail" reported on March 12, Andres Amador, an American artist, up to now who has created huge beach paintings for 12 years. He took rake as painting brush and beach as his canvas, completing pre-designed patterns and geometry before the tide, some works were 500 ft long, 300 ft wide, really spectacular […]

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Excellent paper art


Jo Lynn Alcorn, American artist, graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, focusing on paper art, now lives in New York, her artwork has a strong three-dimensional sense and artistic tension, can instantly attract people’s attention and vary with different themes. Next Page

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Amazing X-ray images

beautiful nice novelty x-ray pictures images photos

A different world of X-ray. Next Pages

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Unique view of kissing

fun interesting different unique creative inspiration art photography beautiful kiss

Artist’s work is often the creation of beautiful or significant things abstracted from the ordinary and is expressed in a unique view. Photographer Andy Barter’s "Kiss" series of photographs is truely the expression of that. Kissing itself isn’t an uncommon theme, but can be expressed in this way by Barter from this angle is rare. […]

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Diameter of 100,000 kilometers sunspot eruption and solar flares lead to spectacular aurora in UK

cool most spectacular amazing awesome gorgeous wonderful beautiful aurora polar lights

26, Northumberland, gorgeous aurora appeared in the sky, as if in Norway. Solar flares made the night sky in northern England staging a wonderful show of polar lights. A watcher said it was the best beautiful aurora he watched ever.   The photo was taken on the International Space Station, bright green and red polar […]

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Stunning beautiful moonbow at Yosemite National Park

stunning beautiful magical gorgeous wonderful moon bow lunar rainbow Yosemite National Park (1)

Yosemite National Park in the United States, where it appeared gorgeous moonbow, beautiful colors across the night sky like the scene in fairy tale or light magic. Lunar rainbow is very rare natural phenomenon in the world, only a few places on earth where people can enjoy it, and California’s Yosemite National Park is one […]

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Beautiful illustrations drawn by color pencil

amazing cool great vivid nice beautiful illustrations pencil drawing sketch pictures (13)

Don’t know the name of the artist, who has great skill in drawing, awesome works of art.   Next Pages

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