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Amazing art – incredible sculptures made from spent matches and fire

amazing beautiful cool incredible match art sculptures bright idea special artistic effect (4)

A 28-year-old Russian IT specialist Stanislav Aristov had recently invented amazing sculptures by using spent matches and fire. His incredible match art works include swans, butterflies and hearts and so on. The carbon of the used matches and unsteady flame formed a special artistic effect. Surprisingly, the creator of this wonderful idea doesn’t even smoke, […]

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The legendary mirror of the sky – Salar de Uyuni -Sea of Salt

beautiful amazing stunning Sea of Salt Salar De Uyuni mirror of sky largest salt flat (5)

It is the world’s largest salt flat and has the distinction of being one of the largest mirrors on Earth when covered with water, Salar de Uyuni(or Salar de Tunupa, Uyuni Salt Flat), the legendary mirror of the sky, it’s also the world’s highest salt flats at 3,656 meters (11,995 ft) above sea level, which […]

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Miss Japan 2011 Champion Marie Yanaka

pretty beautiful amazing girl Miss Japan 2011 Champion Marie Yanaka (3)

2011 "Miss Japan" finals was held recently in Tokyo, a student at Faculty of Law of Keio University was crowned. After being the queen, when a reporter asked what she most wants to do now, she replied, "I have to immediately go back to school to do a test." However, Marie Yanaka prefers to be […]

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Amazing Aurora Borealis in the UK

amazing cool spectacular magnificence splendid brilliant beautiful Aurora Borealis northern lights (1)

February 25, 2011,media reported, it is generally believed that people have to go to the freezing Icelandic tundra or to remote Canada to appreciate the real northern lights. Actually this is not so, 62-year-old British photographer Jim Henderson in the past two decades has been shooting the aurora in the United Kingdom. He recorded more […]

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Amazing Antelope Canyon

amazing attractive awesome stunning beautiful cool wonderful Antelope Canyon pictures (36)

Antelope Canyon is famous slit-type canyon and is also a well-known attractive place to photographers around the world, which is located in northern Arizona, closest to the city of Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon in the terrain is divided into two separate parts, known as the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon. The tourists […]

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The best edited space photos

cool beautiful splendid awesome great top best nebula universe space photographs images pics (8)

These are not original images but the photographs edited by astronomical photographers, the original materials are from the large professional telescopes & high-resolution cameras. Most of the original materials selected by participants are from the European Southern Observatory’s large professional telescopes, visible and infrared survey telescopes (VISTA), APEX submillimeter telescopes and the Atacama Large Millimeter […]

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Weird rainbow photos

amazing spectacular cool weird beautiful wonderful strange photos rainbow pics

Amateur photographer Mikhail Baevsky in Ukraine, Mikhail Baevsky Mountain shoot amazing photos of rainbow, there appeared a mysterious figure in the middle of the rainbow.  

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Mysterious and attractive Bermuda

Mysterious charm amazing attractive beautiful Bermuda Devil Delta Region islands resort travel (7)

Bermuda, a group of islands in the Atlantic off the Carolina coast, it’s British colony of long standing and a popular resort. Tourism is a major business in Bermuda. The first legend of the Bermuda Triangle began with Christopher Columbus. Many and various mysterious events of Bermuda are currently beyond the range of the normal […]

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Female cops around the world

beautiful pretty girls Beauty female cops police around world israel

Let’s appreciate these pretty policewomen of the countries in the world who are faithful in the performance of their duties.   Next Pages

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Weird lake in Australia

amazing cool mysterious Gippsland lake water fluorescent blue light Australian photos

January 29, 2011, Australia, according to press reported, 34-year-old Melbourne’s photographer Phil Hart recently in the Lake Gippsland of Victoria took amazing photos – the waters emitted blue light as the fluorescent dye was dumped into the lake. Whether it’s natural phenomenon or artificial, it did at least seem to be great.

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Amazing shoal of fish

beautiful amazing cool awesome spectacular splendid shoal of fish (5)

Some species of fish are instinctively gregarious, in order to avoid attack and confuse predators, the shoal of fish comes into being, besides, some shoals are because of the fish migration.   Next pages

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