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Awesome light painting works

top awesome beautiful cool funny excellent great amazing light painting drawing graffiti

January 17 news report, the United Kingdom Wales, photographer Michael Bosanko’s Light painting works. The light painting is also known as light graffiti or light drawing, it is a photographic technique which is produced in the dark by moving light sources or by moving camera. Michael’s light painting work is published many times on the […]

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Characteristic falla of The Falles in Valencia, Spain

characteristic beautiful cool Falles Fallas falla festival celebration Valencia Spain (5)

The festival of Fallas (in Spanish) or The Falles (in valencian) in Valencia, Spain, is a traditional celebration in praise of Saint Joseph. Each year, an organized group of people named Casal faller (also known as comissió fallera) produces characteristic construction known as falla, eventually, the falla must be burnt. Every Falla artist must have […]

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LAPP-Pro’s Light Painting Art

amazing awesome cool magical excellent Light painting drawing graffiti images (10)

Light painting (also known as light drawing, light graffiti or light doodle) is a photographic technique of long exposure in the dark by moving hand-held light source or by moving the camera. This art form appeared in 2008, with the promotion of fans and photographers, has become a popular street & fashion arts. In most […]

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The Seventh continent – Amazing Antarctica

amazing cool adventure travel spectacle seventh continent Antarctica (7)

The world’s coldest continent, and the hardest to reach, is Antarctica. It’s an amazing & spectacular world! An extremely cold continent lying chiefly within the Antarctic Circle and asymmetrically centered on the South Pole almost entirely below the Antarctic Circle; covered by an icecap averaging 1.6 km (or 13,000 feet?) in thickness. The total area […]

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The world’s top 10 most exotic mushrooms

worlds top 10 most weird strange amazing cool exotic mushrooms fungus (2)

Mushrooms are one of the most common foods, also the world’s widest range of species. Some mushrooms look very bright but can not eat because it’s highly toxic, and some mushrooms look very strange, but it is nutritious and delicious food. Let’s appreciate the world’s top 10 most exotic mushrooms chosen by biologists. 1. The […]

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New Zealand’s most famous volcano park

New Zealands most famous volcano park Tongariro National Park world cultural heritage (1)

Tongariro National Park is New Zealand’s most famous volcano park; there are 15 active & inactive volcanos linear arrangement. Tongariro National Park now is the world cultural heritage. More pictures

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Pakistan’s Fashion Show

Pakistan Fashion Week show

The combination of trend and tradition November 10, Pakistan Fashion Week, held in Karachi

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The world’s most luxurious shopping mall

The worlds most luxurious shopping mall Dubai Shopping paradises (2)

For its preferential policy of customs tax and dazzling luxury goods Dubai has become one of the world’s major Shopping paradises. Today, dozens of shopping malls throughout the Dubai have become a unique urban landscape, attracting more and more tourists around the world come to visit and shop.  

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22 degrees halo – ice rainbow

amazing photos 22 degrees halo ice rainbow optical phenomenon

Photographer Reyaz Limalia took photos of an optical phenomenon known as "ice rainbow" near Birdlip, UK and took photos of the amazing moment. Weather officials call the optical phenomenon a "22 degrees halo" because of its circular formation of 22 degrees around the sun. Reyaz Limalia is one of a few ones to have captured […]

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Amazing photos of spectacular aurora

Amazing photos of spectacular beautiful wonderful aurora

Iceland’s photographer Kristjan Unnar Kristjansson photographed the ever-changing beautiful aurora with nine years.

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Eternity ice cave

beautiful amazing Eternity ice cave (2)

Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province in China, the ice cave formed in the Cenozoic Quaternary Ice Age, dating back over 3,000,000 years. It’s 100 meters deep and all insides of ice.     

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