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Beautiful and attractive Thai soap flowers

everlasting unfading Beautiful attractive Thai soap flowers 11

They look like pretty flowers, even the smells are the same, but they are not the real flowers, these Thai soap flowers will never wither, beauty is everlasting and unfading. Although these soap flowers can be bought anywhere in Thailand, but can you imagine that most of the creators are ordinary peasant?  

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Rare golden pearls produced in a mysterious island

beautiful rare golden pearls mysterious island Philippines

In the southwestern the Philippines, Palawan, there is a mysterious island, where the rare golden pearls produced. Pearl farm owner Jacques Brannel Breeding records There are 3 kinds of Pearl mussel: white, gold, black  

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Five large gemstones were found in South Africa are like an orange

Five large gemstones were found in South Africa are like an orange 3

  5 large gem stones were discovered in South Africa and they weigh up to 507 carats.   All of these gem stones were discovered in a gemstone mine in Cape Town, South Africa. The largest gemstone is a 136-carat clean white octahedral one which is as large as an orange. And also there are […]

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The end of the rainbow

amazing photos of great magic end of the rainbow

A great magic like rainbow has appeared on the horizon in the Mediterranean Sea, in fact, this is combination of summer storm and the light of night. The photos don’t use any special effects or technical measures. The rainbow was right there, everyone could see.

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Amazing Beautiful Rainbow Rose

amazing beautiful color rainbow rose 1

According to the British Daily Mail reported on June 1 Florist injects the food coloring into stem to produce colorized rose. "Rainbow Rose" is not artificial; it was called "Happy Rose." In order to create such rose, creator injects various plant extracts into the rose’s stem, this is an innovation. Red rose represents passion and […]

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Stunning exquisite art of body painting

Stunning beautiful exquisite art of female body painting  (7)

Not the same as painting with oil paints, the media of body painting (MEHNDI) art is dynamic and vital human body, it is mobile, three-dimensional works of art. Body painting brings a strong aesthetic philosophy.     

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Beautiful moment of underwater waves

Australia Sydney amazing beautiful photos underwater waves photography (1)

Tired of "normal" surfing photography, the photographer from Sydney, Australia, began underwater photography, Mark Dipple, he spent several months in the seabed to capture the moment of underwater waves roll.

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Amazing photos of Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano eruption

Amazing beautiful photos of Guatemala Pacaya volcano eruption (7)

German media reported on June 10, last month, Central America, Guatemala’s Pacaya volcanic erupted. Although the main road leading to Pacaya volcano had long been closed, but many tourists still risked their lives to watch the magnificent natural landscape in disregard of the warnings of disaster relief organizations. Tourists stood in front of Guatemala’s Pacaya […]

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Dazzling & glamorous body painting

cool amazing Dazzling glamorous body painting art (2)

July 16 – July 18, 2010, Carinthia in southern Austria, Seeboden, models show body painting works. Dazzling glamorous body painting make this summer even hotter.   

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Sightseeing platform of Alpspitze mountain peak

Appreciate the scenery in the Sightseeing platform of Alpspitze mountain peak (1)

Appreciate the scenery in the platform June 29, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, located at t he South of German, the workers were working at the mountain peak of elevation 2628 meters. The sightseeing platform is at an elevation of 2,033 meters, vertical height from the ground approximately is 1000 meters. The platform is named AlpspiX, it approximately extends […]

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“Delicious” chocolate design cellphone

Amazing pictures of creative chocolate design cellphone

STYLE Series, a branch company of Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo, released a Chocolate design phone, not only color looks exactly like chocolate, the interface UI design also contains a lot of elements of chocolate, mobile phone chain, and other accessories are also extended unified style. (Right click, open link in new tab to  view […]

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