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Oldest fashion model but still glamorous

oldest beautiful attractive nice beauty fashion model

British Daphne Selfe, a 83-year-old fashion model, who has been a fashion model from her youth, and now this granny model still has the indescribable thing that made up for fascination and beauty in her. Very beautiful in her youth.

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Most charming and beautiful eyes

nice Most attractive charming beautiful eyes beauty pretty beautiful woman girls

Anyone will have a profound impression which a pair of attractive eyes in the face of a beauty can bestow. Next Pages

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Love between Human Being & Skeleton

weird odd strange bizarre fashion photograph beauty ghost skeleton

Weird fashion photograph… Living beauty and dead lady-killer? Can you make sense of what it is meaning?  

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Special chocolate bath

funny interesting unique special Switzerland beauty chocolate bath (1)

A beauty salon in downtown in Geneva, Switzerland, customers are experiencing chocolate bath. According to the staff, chocolate contains unique ingredients beneficial to the skin and inspiring enthusiasm. Lovers can taste the chocolate bestowed as gift when experiencing the chocolate bath.   I have a question: is the chocolate repeated use?!

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‘Beauties’ made of vegetables

creative fun cool awesome excellent vivid living lifelike vegetable beauty girl (7)

It’s really surprising that artist created beauty models by using common vegetables; either the color or the features are all vivid, I cannot but admire artist’s inspiration.    

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The most beautiful schoolgirl in Japan

most beautiful cute loveliest pretty nice adorable lovable japanese school girl beauty (4)

It’s said that she’s the loveliest Japanese girl throughout Japan, but she seems a girl of mixed blood…       

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Selection of Belarus’ fashion models

nice handsome beauty pretty sexy models girls Belarus fashion week selection (27)

Belarus fashion week would be held in Minsk, in order to get the opportunities in the Fashion Week, models in a hopeful manner came from far and near were gathering here to realize their dream through rigorous selection.    Next Pages

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The most beautiful girl or the most charming face in the world

The most beautiful girl or the most charming face in the world formula of golden ratio 2

U.S. and Canadian research team calculated the latest formula of golden ratio. The length from eye to mouth accounts for 36% of the length of face, the length between eyes accounts for 46% of the width of face, such face is recognized the most charming face. After careful "measure and calculate" by researchers, the most […]

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Gallery of Hot Facebook Girls Photos Series 2

sexy stunning gorgeous hot facebook pics girls (47)

Facebook is a popular social networking website that helps connect and share with the people who work, study and live around your life. Many people use Facebook network to keep up with friends and others, here is the 2nd gallery of Hot Facebook Girls Pics, let’s appreciate these hot Facebook pictures, may be someone is […]

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Gallery of Hot Facebook Pics Series 1

sexy stunning gorgeous hot facebook pics girls (2)

Social networking sites are very popular now, according to a research, 1/2 of all broadband users log onto social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, etc., here is the collection of the Hot Girls from Facebook Photos, let’s appreciate these hot facebook pics. :)     

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Who is the most beautiful girl in the world

Who is the most beautiful girl in the world_maxim_version_jennifer love hewitt

Top 10 the most beautiful girl in the world chosen by Maxim magazine. This is an interesting list; maybe different people have different ideas, but never mind, let’s appreciate these beauties. No.10 Jennifer Love Hewitt No.9 Jordana Brewster No.8 Rihanna No.7 Adriana Lima No.6 Eliza Dushku No.5 Mila Kunis No.4 Malin Akerman No.3 Bar Refaeli […]

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