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Surrealistic Robot Beauty

creative_pictures_surrealistic robot beauty digital artworks

High-tech, machinery and beauty – three elements combined into one, and now,  please enjoy surrealistic digital artworks from Benedict Campbell. (Click the thumbnails to view large size pictures)         

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Gun & Rose – Stunning pictures

gun and rose beauty_and_guns_ (6)

Although the title is "Gun & Rose", but the content is not mentioned on the heavy metal band, to continue down you will know what’s that means.     

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The gap of the network and reality

myspace funny_avatar_reality (9)

A group MySpace picture with the real contrast image, it impresses us once again that the gap of the network and reality, everybody should think about it before you wanna find beautiful girls on the web. Hope it did not hurt your fragile heart.  

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Chinese version of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is well-known in the world, a chinese girl’s imitation of Lady Gaga is not bad. Click the thumbnail to view large size images.

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Japanese new technology underwear –”Rice” Bra


May 12, a Japanese lingerie company introduced a new technology underwear – "Rice" Bra, the bra can be planted in the chest and cultivate rice! Surely weird… Click the thumbnail to view large size image.

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They are children, really?!

funny cute lustful and lascivious children kids_7

The lustful and lascivious person was sneered at by people, but, how about these children ~ They are so happy.  :) This is an age of innocence and happiness.    

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Dance with snakes – beauties and vipers

Czech supermodel Eva Herzigova dance with snake celebrity super models

All super models and celebrities. Although these photos are slightly odd or even a bit weird, they are sexy. Click the thumbnail to view the large size image. As a child, Angelina Jolie had a habit of collecting snakes and lizards.  Series “Heroes” – Kristen Bell Poland, top supermodel, Amgya Rubik, python scarf ! Brazilian […]

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Miss Southern Africa beauty contest

exotic pictures Miss Southern Africa beauty contest Namibia  25

Miss Southern Africa beauty contest, girls are mainly from Namibia, Republic of South Africa. These two countries are at present the underdeveloped countries in African continent. This a distant and mysterious continent.    

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Sexy girls wearing Chinese-style dress hot pictures

Sexy girls wearing Chinese-style dress hot pictures 9

We are young and we are sexy~ Chinese-style dress, chi-pao(cheongsam), which is a close-fitting woman’s dress with high neck and slit skirt.  

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Gallery of Hot Show Girls (54 pictures)

Hot Show Girls beauty pictures 20

In the fighting(boxing) game, before the start of each game there’s a sexy show girl to indicate the number of rounds, these hot beauties are the beautiful scenery of fighting zone.  

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Sexy Horse Race – American New Super Model Competition

sexy Horse race_American New Super Model Competition2

September 17, 2009, Los Angeles, 3rd episode, thirteenth Season of American New Super Model Competition, the theme was "Fortress of Fierceness". Models came to Santa Anita racetrack for taking photos.  

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