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New version of “Beauty and the Beast”

Beauty and Beast 9

The film "Beauty and the Beast" was released in 1991, it is the only animated film ever nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award. The Beast marries Belle,and they live happily ever after. There are some photos of new version "Beauty and the Beast". Of course, they have none in common, but they are well […]

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Beauty wrestling match in “chocolate mud lake”

wrestling in chocolate mud 5

In order to attract customers, a British bar creatively made a "chocolate mud lake" for wrestling. One may ask, if not beauty, who would watch the wrestling? Oops, that’s just for relaxation and fun.     

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Brazil sexy twins beauty

Brazil sexy twins beauty 1

We all love beauty, needless to say sexy twins beauty! Take a look at these stunningly attractive girls!

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When those hollywood actresses are only skin and bones.

hollywood actresses ps 1

The nearest the bone, the sweeter the flesh. The Hollywood female celebrity photos edited by photo editor (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Corel DRAW, etc.). The thin is beauty! When those beautiful actresses are only skin and bones. It is not good for young ladies to keep slim at the cost of their health.    

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Beauty of Nazi Germany during World War II

Beauty of Nazi Germany1

Some germany old pictures during World War Ⅱ , including black and white portrait photography .  

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2009 Global Beauty List

Miss Germany

Miss Germany: February 9, "Miss Germany" beauty competition Miss Philippines: March 8, Miss Philippines Contest Miss USA: April 19, 2009, Miss America Contest was held at the prestigious Las Vegas, Kristen Dalton who from North Carolina was the winner. Miss Brazil: May 9, 2009, Miss Brazil Contest , at last, Larissa Ge Sita won the […]

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Don’t trust your eyes – the power of makeup


I think her face is basically attractive (makeup or no makeup), She’s decent to begin with. The makeup only enhanced her. Make up can make an attractive girl more attractive. But if you’re truly ugly, you’re just ugly. Make up won’t help much.

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1010 girls in bikini on one photo

1010 girls in bikini on one photo1

More than a thousand girls gathered on a beach in Sydney (Australia) to establish a new record of having as many girls in bikini on one photo as possible.

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Money And Beauty Are All Amazing !


  March 18, 2009, the United States, Florida, Seminole Hard Rock Casino Hotel held the first exhibition of five million U.S. dollars in cash. The weight of these five million U.S. dollars is about 590 kilograms, and the Showcase is the use of anti-bullet Lexan Fabric.       

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Top Ten Largest Celebrity Boobs

Pamela Anderson Largest boobs

  Top Ten Largest Celebrity Breasts – listed in no particular order – thanks to a little help from the plastic surgeon’s office, some of our nominees claim to be au naturel (guess sometimes the Lord really doth provideth). You be the judge! Largest Celebrity Breasts #1: Pam Anderson Switching breast sizes almost as much […]

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