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Eye-catching make-up and face-painting character designs by self-taught makeup artist


Eye-catching make-up and face-painting works by Elsa Rhae Pageler, a video editor & producer, Photoshop expert and make-up artist, transform herself into fictional characters from TV series or video games, who has been doing make-up and face-painting for less than a year and studied these subjects on her own through a YouTube degree. “I think […]

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Scary optical illusion paintings on human bodies

scary horrible bodyart optical illusion paintings (5)

Horrible body art of optical illusion paintings made by Japanese artist Chooo-San that eyes, mouths, zippers, plugs and frightening faces were painted on human bodies. Source

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Amazing optical illusion – Invisible man

Amazing cool mysterious weird awesome bizarre body art optical illusion invisible hidden person

With the help of his friend Julián, Artist Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi gradually covered him with the blue mixture of mud and paint, then Alejandro took photos of Julián at many different kinds of stages, which created an optical illusion that Julián became increasingly invisible or was emerging from nowhere like ghost. Of course, these images […]

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Incredible Realistic body painting

super amazing pictures of Incredible Realistic human body painting 2

All of these vivid human body painting works are painted by American artist Craig Teresi.  He lives in New Orleans, you can say that he is the world’s best body painting artist. In 2002, he began to create body painting works, before, he was an illustrator. Each of his works Craig Teresi need to spend […]

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Performance Art – Letters of Human Modeling

funny pictures of Performance Art Letters of Human Modeling 1

Children learning English can use this for teaching, should learn faster. :)          

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