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Driving cab is crushed flat by dozens of tons of steels

About 5:40 on the 4th May, China, the highway of Changchun City, a large truck loaded with steel hit the highway barrier, big inertia carried the steel in the carriage crashed into the cab and flew out forward. Two drivers were carried away dead. "May be tire blows, fatigue driving or problem of braking system…" […]

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A unfortunate huge shark

unfortunate poor huge large big shark caught china (1)

February 28, 2011, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, China At Haiyi pier, the fishermen were unloading a huge shark caught recently. That day, when a fishing boat was in fishing operations in Taizhou sea area, a large shark was entangled in the nets and died by suffocating. This shark is 7 meters in length and weighs […]

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Amazing dazzling sparks of molten iron

cool fun awesome spectacular molten iron dazzling sparks ceremony (9)

Local time on February 16, Hebei Province, China, the folk artists splashed molten iron to the ancient city wall. This is a local folklore festival ceremony with long history. During the annual Lantern Festival, folk artists splashed the molten iron to the ancient walls that become thousands of dazzling sparks. The activity expresses a wish […]

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Work of art – Tartar

amazing shocking cool awesome weird bizarre creative china art work tartar Nail household (4)

January 24, Beijing, China, the artist Zhang Chaohui was adjusting his work "Tartar" (The "Tartar" means people or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably). By using 100,000 nails Zhang Chaohui spent 3 months to produce this work of art, the whole "Tartar" consist of a male graphics and a female graphics, forming […]

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A strange mud pit


January 20, China’s Zhejiang Province, at a construction plant in Shaoxing City, it suddenly appeared a round mud pit with fire, the diameter of the pit is about 2 meters. It may be caused by the underground methane gas.

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Beautiful “Mushroom cloud”


December 25, Mt. Heaven (Tianshan, it’s also known as the Snow Mountain), Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China, there is a "mushroom cloud" in the sky. For the reason of cold air, in the past 3 days, it was low temperature and snowing. After the snow, an unusual beautiful "mushroom cloud" appeared in the sky.

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The world’s longest cross-sea bridge

The worlds longest cross-sea bridge Qingdao Bay Bridge (3)

December 22, Qingdao Bay Bridge’s main spans joined up, which marks the Phase 1 of the main project were basically over. The overall length of the Qingdao Bay Bridge is over 41.58 km    December 8, 2010,aerial photography of the construction of the Qingdao Bay Bridge.

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A great feast

Guangzhou Liede village great feast (4)

November 20, 2010, Guangzhou Liede village, a grand feast with 808 tables. All people of the village got together to have a meal.

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Sleeping on a rope

amazing cool funny interesting sleeping on a rope (1)

Train station in Hangzhou, China. 38-year-old Fu Hong is from Guizhou Province, who came to Hangzhou in June this year, after arriving at the city he became a porter. Fu Hong let go of his arms, laid-back may seem to sleep in a big bed, and he can naturally turn over and shake. "Because it […]

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Eternity ice cave

beautiful amazing Eternity ice cave (2)

Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province in China, the ice cave formed in the Cenozoic Quaternary Ice Age, dating back over 3,000,000 years. It’s 100 meters deep and all insides of ice.     

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Online anger-release store

anger-release store

Online anger-release "stores" have turn out to be extremely common with youthful netizens, as store managers are compensated to listen to complaints, confidential secrets and even scoldings from customers. "I was inspired by my female close friends who like to confide their troubles about family, study and work. I prefer to telephone call my shop […]

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