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Global V.I.P beauty bodyguards

Russian V.I.P beauty Female bodyguard

Global V.I.P female bodyguard.   Russian V.I.P female bodyguards. The female bodyguard and former U.S. President Bush. Female bodyguard of Prince William. China female bodyguard, her name is Bian Mei.   Chinese V.I.P female bodyguards Korean V.I.P female bodyguard   December 11, 2007, this is Gaddafi’s first visit to France in the past 34 years. […]

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Ingenious & funny mug

ingenious funny mug mr p lick

Very creative designers all over the world bring ingenuity of mug. Mr.P Lick Mug 2/3 coffee + 2/3 milk = cortado, designed by Pilotto Ignacio. Dunk Mug Gun Mug – Killing Time   The toll of global warming – Melting Iceberg Cup – Outside layer of the cup there’s temperature sensitive paint, the "Melting Iceberg" […]

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The Little Mermaid into a skeleton

amazing pictures of Denmark Little Mermaid into skeleton

April 1, as little joke of April Fools’ Day, Danish National Museum of History put a mermaid skeleton on the base rock of "Little Mermaid". The real "Little Mermaid" statue is on the way to China, she will be the greatest treasure of Museum of Denmark of Shanghai World Expo. This is the first time […]

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Distinctive Longevity noodles

exotic pictures distinctive longevity noodles 12

South Hill village, Rui An city, Zhejiang province, there’s a kind of noodle – "Suo Mian", also known as "longevity noodles". It’s a kind of blessing, as noodles stand for longevity.    

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How to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese

How to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese2

European and American tend to think that Asian all look the same. During World War II, there are some American soldiers fighting Japan in war zone of China. It’s a pocket guide for helping American soldiers to spot Japanese. This booklet has 75 pages, cartoonist Milton Caniff illustrated the differences between Chinese and Japanese by […]

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Bird ‘s eye view of Himalayas – Amazing photos

birds eye view photo Himalayas 4

This mountain is the highest of the world – Himalayas. A vast mountain system in southern Asia, extending 2,400 km (1,500 miles) from Kashmir eastwards to Assam. The Himalayas consist of a series of parallel ranges rising up from the Ganges basin to the Tibetan plateau, at over 3,000 m above sea level. The backbone […]

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British exhibition pavilion of Shanghai World Expo

British exhibition building of Shanghai World Expo2

The pavilion is named "Seed Cathedral", at a cost of 25 million pounds, it’s the core portion of British exhibition building of Shanghai World Expo, by the co-financing of eight departments of British Government. This cube-shaped building is 20 meters high, the surface covered with 60000 slender transparent acrylic (a kind of chemical material), the […]

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Beautiful flourishing cole flower

Photo graphics fragrant cole flower 3

Luoping, Yunnan province, China, the cole flower flourishing now. The air was fragrant with cole flower.  Photo graphics of the beautiful and wonderful fragrant flower. Click to enlarge the picture

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World Chocolate Dream Park

World Chocolate Dream Park1

January 29, 2010, Chinese "World Chocolate Dream Park" is about to open for business. This is Chinese first chocolate theme park. There is a group of first disclosure photos of British "Daily Telegraph". Blue and White Porcelain made from Chocolate 12 meters of the Great Wall made from Chocolate Terra-cotta warriors made from Chocolate Classic […]

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China snowstorm-the snow reached 3.1 meters

snow train

China snowstorm, the snow reached 3.1 meters thick, the train was buried in the snow.     

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Wonderful Building – "Dream Cube"

Shanghai Corporate Pavilion dream cube13

The Shanghai Corporate Pavilion “Dream Cube” will begin its trial operation in April 2010. On November 18, 1999, the Chinese government officially decided that Shanghai would bid for the 2010 World Expo. With support from home and abroad, Shanghai won the bid on December 3, 2002, at the 132nd General Assembly of the International Exhibitions […]

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