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Top ancient universities around the world

top university around the world Bologna University

Bologna University (1088), located in city of Bologna, Italy, is the world’s oldest university. In the middle Ages, it is important academic center in Europe, attracting many of the Christian community of intellectuals. Today, it is Italy’s second-largest university, more than 10 million students. Oxford University (1168), Oxford in the UK, is renowned the world’s […]

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Millions elite maisonette for Blairs’ daughter

former prime minister Kathryn Blair daughter maisonette 5

  Kathryn Blair, seen here with her father, will never have to worry about mortgage payments as long as she lives in the house.( It is every parent’s desire to give their children the best start in life, but few would ever aspire to buying them a £1million house as a leaving home present. Unless, […]

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Realistic paintings than photos

Realistic paintings than photos 10

This photo is what the camera photo from? You may have the question. But this beauty shower image is not a photo, but painting with a brush! Her charming face was framed with wet raven hair. Detail The name of the female painter is Alyssa Monks, 31 years old. Awards: New York Academy of Art […]

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Hoarding is evidence of a psychiatric condition called compulsive hoarding

Hoarding is evidence of a psychiatric condition called compulsive hoarding2

Everybody accumulates stuff, and many of us have cluttered closets and drawers. But when seemingly useless possessions and even rotten food pile up, blocking exits and filling beds, sofas, sinks and bathtubs, it’s evidence of a psychiatric condition called compulsive hoarding. Hoarding has spilled into the spotlight in recent years, thanks to ‘Oprah,’ ‘Dr. Phil’ […]

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How might getting spanked on the butt actually affect the workings of the brain?

spanked on the butt actually affect the workings of the brain5

  Sometimes spanking seems like the only way to get through to an unruly toddler. But the price for fixing his poor short-term conduct might be an even more troublesome outcome in the future. The debate over spanking goes back many years, but the essential question often evades discussion: does spanking actually work? In the […]

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Top ten extraordinary and beautiful clouds


Roll cloud This is a horizontal tube of cloud that forms in the cold downdraughts that spread out ahead of an approaching storm (or, less commonly, at the tail end of a decaying storm). The rapidly sinking air mass can hit the surface so hard that it sends a wave of air gusting some distance […]

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Plant Chair..

plant chair Plant Chair..
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Funny Road Line!

funny road line Funny Road Line!
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Spiders in Iraqi Desert..

spiders in iraqi desert Spiders in Iraqi Desert..
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Ben Goosen amazing creative design photography pics

a ben goosen photography creatives pics 0 Ben Goosen amazing creatives (26 photos)

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random funny images

wtf random lead Daily Afternoon Randomness 3.04.09 (20 Photos)

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