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David Carradine death photo appears in Thai newspaper

David Carradine death photo appears in Thai newspaper A photo of what is reported to be actor David Carradine’s dead body has been published in a Thai newspaper. Last week Thai police reported they had found Carradine’s naked body in his Bangkok hotel room with a length of rope wrapped around his neck and body. […]

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The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time


In our modern, scientific world it is sometimes easy to forget that human progress often comes attached to some spectacular intellectual clashes between different ways of looking at things and differing interpretations of what is seen. There have been some notable intellectual mind-fights over the millennia, the following are ten such fights, the outcome of […]

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Cool 3D Wall Mural Pictures

These amazing cool pictures show the epic architectural murals that are deluding viewers into seeing a 3D scene painted on a flat surface. This first picture of a beautiful glossy scene shimmering in the sun as the colossal wave appears to crash right onto the pavement forms part of a stunning trompe l’oeil series by […]

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Tailgate Madness: Pro Football in America

Oakland Coliseum, home of the Oakland Raiders

What began with the world of NCAA Division I football (never fear small schools, we will get to you) shifts to the NFL and the best tailgate scenes from Miami to Seattle and San Diego to Buffalo. Aficionados of the tailgate experience know that the pro game is decidedly different from the college campus vibe. […]

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Tailgate Madness: College Football in America

UCLA football

The tailgate ritual that takes place in stadium lots at college football games all across America has become as quintessential to the fabric of the nation as state fairs, Old Glory and mom’s apple pie on the windowsill. From mini football games to elaborate bbq contraptions, kegs of beer and of course, flatbed trucks and […]

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Incredible Body Hair and Chest Hair Shaved With Designs

Da na na na, da na na na, Batman!When you wish upon a star…Because I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free, and I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me…Angel wings? I don’t know, but I’d say it’s a swing, and a miss.He’s found […]

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