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Top 9 Most Bizarre Scientific Investigations

1 – iPods get heavier with more music Researchers have discovered that MP3 players like iPods and iPhones get fractionally heavier depending on how many music tracks they contain. The difference between a empty iPod and a full one is only a 0.4 gram say the team from Blackpool University. Tests showed that a empty […]

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25 Best Intramural Sports Team Names

Once out from the oppressive administration at colleges and universities, those partaking in somewhat organized co-ed sports leagues are forced to come up with their own creative and usually offensive or crude team names. Co-Ed Sports are a past-time for the quarter-lifers and is even called out as #65 of Stuff White People Like. Girls […]

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7 role models from the animal world

The shallowness of the world can bring discouragement and frustration to many. Not succeeding or just finding it difficult to have a purpose in life can easily bring you down. You’re looking for ideas. Most role models prove to be exactly the opposite of what they claim to be, so where is the key? Maybe […]

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Student paid fees with oranges

wu xiaobin

A cash-strapped college student Wu Xiaobin in China paid his course fees and living expenses – with five tonnes of oranges. Wu Xiaobin drove two truckloads of  oranges more than 130 miles from his home on a farm in Quzhou to his college in Hangzhou. He decided to try to sell the oranges as he […]

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Earths Facebook Profile


Source: Andrew, College Humor

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If browsers were women


If browsers were women If your browser was a dude. Firefox That’s right, of course Firefox is a geek. Not necessarily that much to look at from the outside. But woah there Nelly, once you get those cargo pants off and take a peek under the spongebob squarepants boxershorts this dude is HUNG. And, if […]

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Most Bizarre Experiments Of All Time


20]  Heartbeat At Death On October 31, 1938, John Deering took a last drag on his cigarette, sat down in a chair, and allowed a prison guard to place a black hood over his head and pin a target to his chest. Next the guard attached electronic sensors to Deering’s wrists. Deering had volunteered to […]

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8-Bit for Baby

The web has long been a treasure trove of nerdy nostalgia. And nowhere is it more potent than among old-school video game fanatics (NES anyone!?). Well, you’ve seen what 8-Bit grown ups are into — but it turns out there’s an entire trend devoted to 8-Bit items for babies! Yes, it’s true, you can now […]

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We Heart YouLadies of Sweet Adeline

It’s all too often Urlesque finds people on the internet with whom we’re immediately smitten. We <3 them with all our <3, and you probably will, too. Sweet Adeline quartets are comprised of women who sing a capella, four-part harmony tunes, barbershop-style. But more importantly, they have amazing names and take even more impressive self-portraits. […]

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Limited Edition Design Dolls


Sunday, 29 June 2008   ‘Limited Edition Design Dolls’ is the graduating project of Olivia Lee a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. It came from the observation that increasingly today, designer personalities are quite literally become synonymous with the objects they design. Limited Edition Design Dolls is a series […]

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Soda Can CouchThe Best Craigslist Post of the Day (Ever?)

soda beer can couch

Ah yes, college. Remember the days? Yeah, they’re a bit hazy for me, too. In case you needed to be reminded why that is, see below. For the low, low price of $200 you can own one of the more ambitious items being sold on Craigslist: A couch made entirely of soda and beer cans. […]

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