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Top ten of 2011′s Best Night-Sky photos

most amazing stunning beautiful nice incredible marvellous grandeur best night sky photos pics

Top ten of most stunning and beautiful photos of Best Night-Sky Pictures 2011, this International competition was held by The World at Night (TWAN) and Global Astronomy Month. Have to marvel at the beauty of grand nature and admire those professional photographers.  

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Top 10 ugliest dogs in the world

top 10 weird bizarre worlds ugliest dogs in history champion contest competition

Dogs, human’s best friend, are a lovely animal. They are very loyal and never hypocritical; however, after seeing them, some people won’t peacefully sleep tonight, especially those who love dogs. Winner of the ugliest dog contest 2010 Champion of the world’s ugliest dog contest 2009 held in Northern California. 2008 world’s ugliest dog Champion of […]

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World Testicle Cooking Championship – Dare you eat?!

In Serbia, the 7th "World Testicle Cooking Championship", participating chefs show their cuisine talents by using cattle, swine, camels and kangaroos and other animals’ testicles, including testis pizza, testis stew, vanilla white sauce testis and so on. The cooking material is the animals’ testicle and it is known as "white kidneys" by local people, testicles […]

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The make-up players of London Marathon

London Marathon was born in 1981, was inspired by the New York Marathon, it holds in late April each year. 20th century, late 80′s, the London Marathon race organizers added a make-up team in the competition. Click the small thumbnails to view large size images.

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PK of the strongest

PK of the strongest_2

May 8, 2010, Germany, a bodybuilding competition, athletes showed their incredibly fit body.  

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Sexy Horse Race – American New Super Model Competition

sexy Horse race_American New Super Model Competition2

September 17, 2009, Los Angeles, 3rd episode, thirteenth Season of American New Super Model Competition, the theme was "Fortress of Fierceness". Models came to Santa Anita racetrack for taking photos.  

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21th annual World’s most ugly dog competition

21th annual Worlds most ugly dog competition 10

California, United States, the 21th annual World’s most ugly dog competition. In the end, a 4-year-old named Pabst is champion. A puppy named Ellie won the champion of purebred dog event. Pabst and Owner    

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