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Amazing suitcase stickers

creative funny interesting cool suicase ssticker

These controversial suitcase stickers will make you become a focus of public attention. Source

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Transparent home

amazing cool transparent unusual glass concept house home (5)

Transparent glass house was designed by Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio to display modern glass furniture from Italian company Santambrogiomilano. Just a concept home, I am sure nobody will enjoy living in it. Source

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Fully functional prototype of personal hover bike

cool innovative high technology prototype personal hover bike craft (5)

A kind of prototype of fully functional personal hover bike had been designed and made by the Aerofex, a California based American company. The power system of the hover bike consists of an engine and two ducted fans. Source Video

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Creative Use Of Negative Space In Art

cool amzing images illustration negative space (14)

Outstanding graphic designer Noma Bar created amazing illustrations that are composed by empty space around shapes and multiple subjects, really impressive, enjoy~   Source

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Amazing 3D street illusion

incredible amazing cool awesome impressive 3d street paintings art

Amazing 3D illusion paintings by German artist Manfred Stader served as backdrops that people can take incredible and creative photos. Next Pages

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Beautiful wine glasses with the simplicity in the design

beautiful elegant cool simple design wine glass cup (5)

Unusual and elegant Calici Caratteriali wine glasses in the simple design by Italian studio Gumdesign that showing the personality and emotions of different people. Conservatore – Conservative Introverso – Introvert   Passionale – Passionate Rilassato – Relaxed Ambiguo – Ambiguous Altruista – Altruistic   Emozionali – Emotional L’estroverso – Extrovert

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Terrifying elevator shaft

creative cool awesome 3D three dimensional optical illusion (2)

When the doors of this elevator shaft at Southside shopping centre in London opened, people would be scared to see that they’re only a step away from the collapsed floor of the elevator. This creative 3D optical illusion was created to welcome the launch of Alton Towers Resort’s new attraction – Nemesis Sub-Terra.  

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Beautiful wire tree sculptures

amazing cool awesome wire tree sculptures (8)

Talented sculptor Kevin Iris has been using aluminum alloy wire to create amazing shining tree sculptures for more than 23 years. The longest one of Kevin Iris’ works took him about 450 hours, of which there’re about 10,000 loops on top for leaves.

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Taking creative pictures by this installation

funny interesting creative cool inspirational art installation

At the Centquatre gallery in Paris, France, an interesting interactive art installation by Leandro Erlich is now on display, people can take cool photos by a large mirror when they’re posting on horizontal building facade on the ground.

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The world’s most eco-friendly Ferrari sports car

pedal human powered design ferrari sports car (6)

Or the world’s most expensive bicycle – £1.2 million. This pedal powered "Fahrradi Farfalla FFX" is equipped with 4 bicycle wheels with custom rims, 11 speed gearbox, and ultra-bright LED lighting system. Designer: Austrian artist Hannes Langeder

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Perhaps the world’s biggest motorcycle

cool amazing giant big huge motorcycle

This huge motorcycle weights about 5 tons and you can go for a motorcycle ride.

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