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Weird rainbow photos

amazing spectacular cool weird beautiful wonderful strange photos rainbow pics

Amateur photographer Mikhail Baevsky in Ukraine, Mikhail Baevsky Mountain shoot amazing photos of rainbow, there appeared a mysterious figure in the middle of the rainbow.  

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Lifelike surrealist sculptures

amazing vivid lifelike surrealist sculptures look like real live human

64-year-old surrealist sculptor Mark takes 6 months on creating each sculpture, in order to make the work look like a live human, he even carves pores and fine hair on the skin. These works are so lifelike as if they can breathe.

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Amazing dancer

amazing cool funny offbeat passion interesting enthusiasm great dancers (2)

Great dancers can show their personality anywhere and at any time, do you wanna be a dancer?  :)     

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Walking the tightrope with an elevation of 3303 metres

amazing dangerous high challenge difficult Swiss acrobat Walking tightrope elevation 3303 metres (1)

Local time on January 29, a Swiss acrobat was walking the tightrope at Corvatsch near St Moritz. From the station of a cable car with an elevation of 3303 meters to another on the mountainside, He covered the distance of 1600 meters.  

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The world’s most flexible person


January 30, 2011, the Russian girl Zlata did raree show in London, 24-year-old Zlata is called "the world’s most flexible person", height 1.75 meters and weighed only 54 kilograms. She has the capability of twisting into extraordinary positions and can even bend herself into a hoop.  

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Weird lake in Australia

amazing cool mysterious Gippsland lake water fluorescent blue light Australian photos

January 29, 2011, Australia, according to press reported, 34-year-old Melbourne’s photographer Phil Hart recently in the Lake Gippsland of Victoria took amazing photos – the waters emitted blue light as the fluorescent dye was dumped into the lake. Whether it’s natural phenomenon or artificial, it did at least seem to be great.

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Rabbit under hypnosis

funny cool amazing awesome interesting hypnosis performance habit animal experiencing trance (3)

The history of hypnosis is very long and hypnotic induction believed to involve animal magnetism. People under hypnosis pass into a trance-like state. Even Freud himself had gone to learn the methods of hypnosis. Now days, hypnosis has been successfully in medical field, in entertainment hypnosis is fun for people experiencing the trance and for […]

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Super brave climbers

dangerous amazing crazy cool brave climber tent sleep rest cliff (8)

Have a look at these super brave (or crazy?) climbers, their tents to be hung on the cliffs, they sleep and rest at such place! Would you dare to stake your life on it? Next Pages

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Awesome light painting works

top awesome beautiful cool funny excellent great amazing light painting drawing graffiti

January 17 news report, the United Kingdom Wales, photographer Michael Bosanko’s Light painting works. The light painting is also known as light graffiti or light drawing, it is a photographic technique which is produced in the dark by moving light sources or by moving camera. Michael’s light painting work is published many times on the […]

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Characteristic falla of The Falles in Valencia, Spain

characteristic beautiful cool Falles Fallas falla festival celebration Valencia Spain (5)

The festival of Fallas (in Spanish) or The Falles (in valencian) in Valencia, Spain, is a traditional celebration in praise of Saint Joseph. Each year, an organized group of people named Casal faller (also known as comissió fallera) produces characteristic construction known as falla, eventually, the falla must be burnt. Every Falla artist must have […]

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Google founder Larry Page bought a 193-foot boat for $45million

Google founder Larry Page second-hand luxury ship boat yacht Senses (8)

Google founder Larry Page is only 37 years old, but his assets estimated to be about 150 million. As a billionaire, the yacht is one of the necessities. He recently spent 45 million U.S. dollars to buy a second-hand super yacht. the yacht named ‘Senses’ and its maiden voyage in 1999, length of 193 feet, […]

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