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LAPP-Pro’s Light Painting Art

amazing awesome cool magical excellent Light painting drawing graffiti images (10)

Light painting (also known as light drawing, light graffiti or light doodle) is a photographic technique of long exposure in the dark by moving hand-held light source or by moving the camera. This art form appeared in 2008, with the promotion of fans and photographers, has become a popular street & fashion arts. In most […]

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Creative Ghost Light

funny cool weird odd interesting creative design ghost light fear (3)

In order to deal with thieves, Australian designer Manfred Kielnhofer designed a "ghost light”, just standing in front of your window silently to protect your dreams. Although some people may feel little fear, but it’s worth if it can work properly  :)  Take care not to petrify yourself.

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New Zealand’s most famous volcano park

New Zealands most famous volcano park Tongariro National Park world cultural heritage (1)

Tongariro National Park is New Zealand’s most famous volcano park; there are 15 active & inactive volcanos linear arrangement. Tongariro National Park now is the world cultural heritage. More pictures

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Transparent concrete wall is a huge window

Italcementi Transparent Light transmitting cement i.light wall window

World Expo Shanghai, China, the Italian Pavilion is the only building so far with this "Light transmitting cement". Italian Pavilion 18 meters high, about 40% of the walls by the Italcementi Group’s i.light materials. Italcementi’s architects mix a special resin and a new combination to produce Light transmitting cement. Using this cement the building’s wall […]

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KGB’s secret path

former Soviet Union Russian Hotel KGBs secret path passages way Kremlin (1)

Reconstruction of the famous Russian Hotel in Moscow, when workers worked on the foundation between the East Building and the North Building, they found a huge underground construction which can contain more than 4,000 people, as well as there are several secret passages, one of which leading to the Kremlin. The media called it "KGB’s […]

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Gold cars around the world

luxury shiny show off showy golden cars arond the world (11)

Neither do I find it interesting, nor do I think it’s any significant. Just somebody likeks to show off in public … that’s enough.   More pictures

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China’s Icemen broke the record set by Dutch Iceman Wim Hof

China iceman broke world records longest immersed in ice dutch Wim Hof ice bath withstand extreme coldness (2)

Zhang Jia Jie City, Hu Nan Province, China, two competitors from Hei Long Jiang, Chen Ke Cai and Jin Song Hao naked standing in glass cabinets full of ice, they competed in the ability to withstand extreme coldness. Finally, Chen Ke Cai and Jin Song Hao were 118 minutes and 120 minutes of performance respectively, […]

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94-year-old Indian farm worker became the world’s oldest father of the newborn

Indian 94-year-old farmer worker the worlds oldest father of the newborn (2)

December 28, 2010, Sonipat, India’s Haryana, 94-year-old farm worker Ramjit Raghav became the world’s oldest father of the newborn because of the son born 2 months ago. This is his first child, he wanna have another next year. His wife is 52-year-old.  

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Amazing photos of the past 2010

amazing cool news photos 2010

October 5, 2010, Malaysia, at an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Mohd Faizal is on performances with a copperhead. The snake is common in Southeast Asia. March 27, 2010, Los Angeles, United States, Teen Choice Awards organized by American Nickelodeon Channel, singer Katy Perry April 1, 2010, Sai Buli, Yala province of Thailand, a 5-year-old pigtail […]

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Fantastic girl – World’s youngest yoga instructor

Indian girl Shruti Pandey worlds youngest yoga instructor teacher master Limca Guinness Book of World Records

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that only 6-year-old Indian girl Shruti Pandey, is the world’s youngest yoga instructor. In Uttar Pradesh of India, she is at a yoga club to adults as a teacher, her students, including businessmen, teachers, housewives and retired people and so on. Now, Shruti Pandey has more than 30 […]

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Amazing painting with human

creative amazing painting the human body realistic

This is just an art of painting the human body, so the human body can smoothly integrate into the picture behind; it’s more realistic as a whole.

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